NASSCOM-CoE hosts 2nd edition of Udyam 4.0 Nayi Disha

NASSCOM-CoE Udyam Nayi Disha

The conference, aimed at ushering in technology-based solutions in MSMEs, brought together industry leaders, startups, and policymakers

Gandhinagar (Gujarat), 30th June 2021: The NASSCOM Centre of Excellence (CoE) hosted the second edition of Udyam 4.0 Nayi DISHA (Digital Innovative Solutions for Helping Atmanirbharta) on Wednesday in an effort to usher in technology-based solutions in MSMEs.

The conference, which brought together industry leaders from MSMEs, startups, and policymakers, was organised with the support of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), the Department of Science & Technology (DST)  of the Government of Gujarat, and MSME department of Government of Gujarat.

Gujarat’s MSME Commissioner Ranjeeth Kumar J, the chief guest at the virtual conference, shared his ideas on shaping up the MSME ecosystem through technology and innovation.

“The Gujarat government has been playing the role of an enabler in all aspects for helping the MSME ecosystem move towards Industry 4.0.

The government has implemented interventions at policy, infrastructure, and institutional level to help MSMEs adopt the latest technologies and become globally competitive,” he said, adding, the collaborative ecosystem developed by NASSCOM CoE is an excellent opportunity for MSMEs in the manufacturing sector to embark on their digital journey.

Large companies have quickly adopted Industry 4.0 technologies, but MSMEs are just starting to realise their benefits. The adoption of the latest technologies by the smaller manufacturing units is expected to pick up pace going ahead.

The discussions at the sessions as a part of the virtual conference were aimed at focusing on the successful utilisation of Udyam 4.0 platform to address the digital adoption challenges for MSMEs. It also focused on the co-creation of evolving business models for MSMEs to digitize in the new normal.

The conference, hosted at the virtual Smart Manufacturing Experience Center (SMCC) designed to enable manufacturing leaders to virtually experience the solutions applied to multiple manufacturing challenges, also stressed on resource optimization through tech up-gradation and demonstration of low-cost and easy-to-deploy tech solutions from start-ups that can set the base for commencing MSMEs’ digital journey.

Six Deep-tech startups associated with CoE’s GrowX program, viz. Eugenie Technologies, Plutomen Technologies, ATAI LABS, Pixuate, AirV Labs, and Gyandata presented their innovative solutions.

“Udyam 4.0 platform will help the MSME sector adopt AR/VR, Computer Vision, IoT, AI & Analytics based digital solutions such as 360-degree view of plants, predictive maintenance, remote operations tracking, quality inspection, energy optimization, worker safety, and inventory management.

Through its Centre of Excellence, NASSCOM aims to create an ecosystem of co-creation where industries and Deep tech startups can work together on bringing new and innovative solutions for the manufacturing sector,” said Amit Saluja, Senior  Director & Head of Manufacturing Vertical, NASSCOM-CoE.

With a diverse pool of Deep tech startups and technology SMEs, the Centre of Excellence is also working on innovative solutions using Industry 4.0 technologies, including AI, ML, and IoT, among others.

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Senior leaders from a host of manufacturing majors and experts also shared their experiences on resource optimization and co-creation as a model for implementing new technologies during the event.