Natural remedies that can help you sleep better

Natural remedies for better sleep

Sleep is one of three pillars that are important for your health. You already know that the other two are food and physical activity.

In order to have a healthy life, we need quality sleep. A good thing is that there are many ways that can help you sleep better.

A bad thing is that there are many ways that can cause problems sleeping. However, nature cares about you. There are natural remedies that may solve problems with sleeping.

Natural remedies for Better Sleep

1. Hops have a calming effect. People who drink a lot of beer already know this. The extract from hops has been used for insomnia and anxiety.

It is a mild sedative that will help you sleep. Before going to bed, you should take between 30 and 120 milligrams.

2. Wild lettuce is effective against headaches, anxiety and joint pain. You can take between 30 and 120 milligrams of wild-lettuce supplement before going to bed. 

3. Aromatherapy is another way that can help you sleep better. Lavender is an important aid for better sleep. This has been proved by many studies.

You can use a spray with lavender (real lavender) and spritz it on your pillow before you go to bed. Even better is to buy a lavender-filled pillow.

4. Melatonin controls your sleep. It also induces sleep. Some doctors claim that higher dosages are very effective.

However, several studies have shown that lower dosages are even more effective. You should take between 0.3 and 0.5 milligrams before going to bed. Higher dosages may be toxic, so you should avoid them.  Also, high dosages may increase risk of depression and infertility.

Follow these tips when a couple of thoughts keep you away from a sweet sleep

If you find your mind troubled by a lot of different thoughts when you lay your head on the pillow for some sleep, you are not the first one. Most of us simply remain lying in bed, hoping the train of thoughts shall eventually pass by. 

Quite surprisingly, these thoughts that race in our minds can be frustrating and scary at the same time. It can be almost anything you didn’t have time enough for in the day for.

As a solution, it is advised that you should sit up  in bed at once. Changing your body posture to something more defensive rather than a lying down position is going to give you a lot of confidence in tackling the situation.

Sitting up is going to bring back the abilities to sort out the issues at hand. Most of the thoughts racing through the mind appear to be irrational and illogical when sorted out properly.

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Reading a book or a magazine while in bed is a great idea. This is a great way to clean the mind of all random thoughts while the body does its best to sleep. 

This is going to be  a great way to end the day. It works at all times, whenever you want some sleep regardless of the time of the night. Reading is sure to keep all frustrating thoughts at bay.

You can try counting sheep while you try to sleep. It is quite effective. It is going to keep your mind busy in  counting, it will be away from the thoughts that keep you away from sleeping. 

A much better way to keep the mind distracted in counting is to count backward from 1,000. Remember to do it all over again if you falter or miss a number.

The power of good 3-dimensional vision is one of the features that make mankind have an edge over other living beings.

Eyes are the windows of a number of emotions as they change in their looks when one is sad, or when one is happy or even when one is excited.

Contemporary lifestyle puts up many situations and chances which make it very difficult to devote the care and attention they deserve.

This is probably why one gets unpleasant experiences such as dark circles, redness, puffiness, etc in the eyes. You need some essential tips for the proper care of the eyes.

Use some tea-bags to get rid of the dark-circles that come up below the eyes. You only have to hold the tea-bags over your eyes while they are closed. Be careful not to use hot tea-bags just out of the tea-pot. They can harm the eyes.

The miracle is achieved by the caffeine content of the tea-bag. It sucks out the water content of the tissues below the eyes. This is probably why all creams that boast of removing dark circles contain a bit of caffeine.

Moreover, the antioxidant content of tea is also going to be helpful in restoring the youth you have lost to the altar of time. The only point of caution in the entire process is to ensure tea doesn’t enter the eyes.

Alternatively, follow your mother’s example, and use a piece of cucumber. Place it below the eye, and it is sure to lighten the skin. The dark patches below the eyes are sure to become history.

Organic sustenance has turned out to be extremely prominent. However, exploring the labyrinth of organic nourishment marks, advantages, and cases can be befuddling. Is organic sustenance truly healthier? 

“Organic” alludes to the way ranchers develop and process horticultural items, for example, organic products, vegetables, grains, dairy items and meat.

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Organic cultivating practices are intended to empower soil and water protection and lessen contamination.

Organic animals must have entry to the outside and be given organic food. They may not be given anti-toxins, development hormones, or any creature by-items.

Natural sustenance gives a grouping of points of interest. A couple of studies show that natural sustenance has more valuable supplements, for instance, cell fortifications, than their customarily created accomplices.

Also, people with anaphylaxis to foods, chemicals, or added substances frequently find their appearances decrease or go away when they eat simply natural sustenance.

Likewise: Pesticides are chemicals, for instance, fungicides, herbicides, and insect poisons These chemicals are by and large used as a piece of standard agriculture and developments remain focused (in) the sustenance we eat.

New sustenance tastes better. Natural nourishment is generally fresher in light of the fact that it doesn’t contain additives that make it last more.

Natural produce is regularly (however not generally, so watch where it is from) created on littler homesteads close to where it is sold. 

Natural cultivating practices diminish contamination (air, water, soil), preserve water, lessen soil disintegration, build soil fruitfulness, and utilize less vitality.

Cultivating without pesticides is additionally better for adjacent winged creatures and little creatures and individuals who live near to or take a shot at ranches.

Buying organic – really necessary or not ?

We’ve talked about organic things such as food, cosmetic products etc. Some people did change their mind when it comes to buying organic products, but of course there are those who are stubborn enough and who simply don’t want to change their beliefs.

We know that some of you have a limited budget and that’s why we are not saying that consuming anything organic is a must, and that if you are not doing it you will damage your health, no. 

It doesn’t have to be like that, but on the other hand if you ask us if that is something we would recommend, the answer is – yes.

Also don’t be fooled thinking that if you buy something and you see the label “ 100 percent organic “ that is some kind of a guarantee.

It isn’t. It definitely is more healthy, but definitely not something you can bet your life on.

One more thing, do not mix these two things : natural and organic, because it doesn’t have to mean that if you are buying something natural that it is 100 percent organic, because it isn’t. Make a difference.

The only way you will know if your product is really organic is if you ask vendors how their food was grown, and if they confirm to you that it is organic, then you can be sure.

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Like we mentioned before, don’t be obsessed with organic food or other products. Your love and affection for them will grow gradually, don’t force it.