Meet this man who went from Heartbreak to became successful Entrepreneur

Naveen Srinivas, CEO of Ridaex Systems India

Naveen Srinivas, CEO of Ridaex Systems

Sometimes we need to wait for good times to come, if not, we need to create it. We have all seen successful people’s examples in our daily life.

That really motivates us to achieve our goal as well. In this blog, we are going to tell, a story of a young man, who suffered heartbreak to started his career from zero scratches, now became a successful entrepreneur.

Meet Mr. Naveen Srinivas, CEO of Ridaex Systems – India. When we see his past life, Naveen worked at a big MNC company with a high-paying job. At the age of 23, he left his job and home by challenging his parents with new zeal. He also worked at amazon delivery boy as pocket money.

He started a small cyber security firm, in 1 BHK with only 2 freelancer employees in Bangalore.

In 2016, his life turned in a different direction. By continued effort, he has collaborated with “Got Matter” an e-commerce partner with the failing Indian Smart TV manufacturing company “Ridaex”.

In 2017, he completely acquired “Ridaex” to start researching and developing new modern TVs in the name of “make in India”.

At the initial stage of “Ridaex” was failed due to high competition on the market.

It was challenging for him to compete with big brands like Sony, Samsung, TCL, etc. But for talented ad hardworking people, he proved nothing is impossible.

After consistent effort and hard work, Naveen spends his 2 years researching and developing a “World’s most powerful tv” at an affordable price for our Indian customers.

After COVID – 19 hit in early 2020, due to long research, he was successfully launched “ARYA TV”.

After COVID-19 hit India in early 2020, Naveen ramped up his 14 months long personal research on producing the most Sensible Television ever built ” Arya TV”.

Gradually, people started liking the product, services, price, quality, etc. Today, the Ridaex is known for its spectacular name called “Arya TV”.

Arya Tv was launched on Sept 05 2020 and for the fact.  There is no competitor Smart TV brand reached closer even after 14 months of its launch as of Nov 2021.
Ridaex Changes Its Legal Name in Preparations with First Fundraising In 2022. While most Startups in India aim towards becoming a Unicorn with a billion-dollar valuation right at the first 2 years of start.

A 5 years old Made in India, consumer durables manufacturing company chooses to become a Legacy Brand. Ridaex is known for mastering the art of manufacturing the 2nd Generation Smart TVs. Smart TVs are more efficient than Smart Phones and closer to today’s computers in terms of performance.

Well, for today. These TVs can be called “Super Smart TVs”. The flagshipseries of Ridaex Smart TVs are called “Arya 1”.

Arya TV has been outranking all of its global level competitors with its Unique Architecture, High-Performance Hardware & Well optimized Android AOSP, and most importantly peripheral connectivity.

You name the usage application and Arya says yes to it. Arya TV has widely been used in all applications, where a stand-alone large screen with Smart & Logical processing is required.

Starting with the commercial display prospects, Arya TVs are being used are Digital Signage Display, Monitoring Boards, Video Conferencing Systems, E-Learning at Schools and many more we can think of. Whereas for domestic usage at Homes, Online Education for Kids during COVID-19.

Ridaex also holds strong credibility by bagging multiple awards for excellent service in Indian Manufacturing. Also holds a strong portfolio by working with Govt of Karnataka, DRDO, Indigo Airlines, and many hotel and hospitality Chains.

Now as 2022 emerges and Ridaex has turned 5 years old with a strong user base, fully developed product, Inhouse hyperlocal service teams, and logistics network, a successfully proven business model, highly skilled and efficient team of Aryans.

Ridaex has recently changed its legal name from “Ridex Systems – India” to “RGK Silicon Sciences Private Limited” whereas still the trademark of “Ridaex” will remain with RGK Silicon Sciences as a brand name.

In an interview with the CEO of Ridaex, Mr. Naveen Srinivas. We were able to grasp the aspiration of the name change.

Naveen said “We at Ridaex have been working hard day and night to develop a product like Arya, that will change the meaning of Television. It took about 5 long years to learn, research, and build a product like this.

Now, we have more trust in ourselves, our technology, the skills we have learned over time, and mainly our customers. We are looking forward to an expansion that would bring profits and assurity to both us and our investors together.

We have long waited for this moment and now it’s here, with just our hard work and consistency. Thanks to everyone who believed in us. ”

We hope you find the inspiring story of Mr. Naveen Srinivas, CEO of Ridaex useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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