Navneet Singh, Founder and CEO of AVSAR, One of India’s leading next-gen Tech enabled HR Service Providers

Navneet Singh

An exclusive interview of Navneet Singh, Founder and CEO of AVSAR, One of India’s leading next-gen Tech enabled HR Service Providers

Navneet Singh is the Chief Executive Officer of Avsar, one of India’s leading next-gen Tech enabled HR service providers.

Navneet pursued his Bachelors in Science (Biotechnology), post which he completed his MBA in HR from the prestigious MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bengaluru.

Navneet has also shown his prowess in domains including operations management, executive search, market research, and business development. His expertise has also led to him being an active member of Indian Staffing Federation, the apex body representing the country’s staffing industry.

Under Navneet’s able leadership, Avsar has scaled great heights within such a short span since its
inception, and was even featured amongst the “25 Fastest Growing HR Companies in India”.

Armed with such a positive growth trajectory, he envisions to make Avsar more sustainable and efficient so as to pave a robust journey of enhanced brand value, innovations, constant growth, optimized costs, and strengthened stakeholder relations.

By having this viable approach, Navneet envisions seeing Avsar amongst the top 5 HR consultancies in India. In the year 2021, he came up with Bizisell and Aligerous for sales outsourcing and CXO hiring

Apart from striving to address the gaps in the recruitment industry, Navneet is also proactively working towards the cause of child development and women empowerment, with the launch of his dream NGO ‘Atharv Seva Foundation’.

He is an ardent reader as well, involved especially in the genre of business. Moreover, he has also taken up Golf as a sport which would help in improving his physical health and would increase his social involvement.

Navneet’s beautiful family includes his parents who work as Principals in their respective educational institutes, his wife who is actively looking after the NGO, and a 5-year old son who the NGO has been named after.

Can you tell us about your background and how you came up with the idea to launch Avsar?

Navneet Singh: After having pursued an MBA in HR from the prestigious MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bengaluru, I worked in the recruitment domain with organizations such as Swiggy, Ola, Flipkart and Luminous for about 6 years.

I provided not just recruitment and staffing, but showed my mettle in operations management, executive search, market research as well as business development.

I am an active member of Indian Staffing Federation, the staffing industry’s apex body. In 2016, I dabbled into my own venture with Avsar, which since its inception has been providing next-gen tech enabled solutions to a plethora of verticals in the recruitment ecosystem.

With unparalleled quality, responsiveness, flexibility and a customer centric approach, Avsar has become the fastest growing recruitment consultant in India.

With a deep understanding of the extensive database of skilled workforce, we don’t just focus on hiring for permanent or contractual staffing but make the process smooth for both the company and talent and achieve great success.

Leadership hiring is another major aspect where finding the right fit from a small pool of talent is a tedious task.

We have successfully hired C-suites of Senior executives, Directors as well as VPs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is Avsar’s USP and has a scalable, best-in-class approach, enabling organizations to attract the right talent while simultaneously reducing the time and costs involved in the hiring process.

What are some of the technologies that Avsar uses to help companies select the best talent?

Navneet Singh: We take pride in being a digital first organization where innovative technology is utilised to provide recruitment across different verticals.

Our customised On board tool and ATS system were the major reason for Avsar becoming the fastest growing recruitment consultant firm in India.

ATS allows recruiters to manage job postings, track resumes and inform candidates in a centralized database.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have also been included to help recruiters. With it, one can identify and match candidates with suitable job openings.

This saves manual efforts. Along with the use of technology, there is always a humanistic approach to ensure that candidates from different hierarchy find a job that fits them perfectly, while organizations find able employees.

How do you differentiate Avsar from other hiring firms?

Navneet Singh: I can say with confidence that what sets us apart from our competition is the extensive and customised use of technology.

Software like ATS leverage technology and ensure that there is no scope for mistake, while also adding value to the recruitment process.

AI and ML are not just buzzwords for us, but very much a part of our organization. We have successfully done recruitment drives for ITI diploma holders, saksham, and also inclusive employments for transgenders etc.

Meanwhile we have also recruited senior executives going all the way up to VPs in companies. And this has been possible because of the vast pool of data that we have as well as the innovative tech based solutions that Avsar uses.

Please throw some light on the gig culture and how it is booming in India.

Navneet Singh: We are constantly upgrading our technology and working on launching a portal not just for permanent or contractual workforce but also for gig force workers.

Since gig culture is on the rise in India, here too we had to provide an innovative solution to not just employees but also for employers.

We are providing a channel of communication where the two can work together in harmony and develop a long term relationship, albeit, a professional one where both can benefit.

Since it is booming, we are future ready with our resources and can provide talents within the shortest timespan.

What was the inspiration behind turning into an entrepreneur

Navneet Singh: While I worked for about 12 years for some renowned companies, it became the next obvious step for me to start my own venture.

There are numerous factors which worked as an inspiration in my entrepreneurial journey. The main motto was to bridge the gap between job seekers and job providers.

Over the years, I had realised that people suffered immensely due to this gap. While job providers were looking to find the right fit for their job, they were unable to do so, mainly due to tedious recruitment processes.

On the other hand, the job seekers suffered as they could not find the best suited job for them, as per their qualification, skills and aspirations. This resulted in further widening the gap in the recruitment process.

In the past few years there has been a paradigm shift in the recruitment industry, which I was able to closely observe.

Technology has evolved as the key factor in the recruitment process, where both the potential employees and organization benefit. And with my experience I realised I could use technology to bridge this gap and thus Avsar was born.

Can you share any future and expansion plans for Avsar

Navneet Singh: Avsar is working to establish a strong brand identity that will aid in setting it apart from competing companies and luring customers and potential employees.

It is important to have a strong online presence in the modern digital age, which is being developed through a business website, social media, and job boards.

Building a solid network of clients, applicants, and business contacts is another crucial step. This is done by engaging in industry associations, going to networking events, and cultivating client relationships.

On the other hand, in order for us to succeed, we must offer clients and applicants first-rate customer service.

This entails responding quickly to queries, giving clients timely updates, and delivering tailored solutions.

Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on our workers’ training and development in order to keep them informed about the most recent developments in the recruitment sector.

In order to keep ahead of the competition, we also create a solid recruitment plan that includes luring top talent, creating a pipeline of prospects, and implementing cutting-edge recruitment strategies.

Currently robust expansion plans are underway to spread across Tier I and Tier II cities, which is essential to tap into the talents of these regions.

The key to success is to implement these steps and attain our goal of making it to the list of top 5 service providers in the industry.An RPO project is also underway and the announcement will be made at the right time.

What challenges did you face during the inception of Avsar and how did you overcome them?

Navneet Singh: Right from the start, growing from a team of just 12 members with 4 clients was challenging. We had to establish our expertise and also create a brand value, and we chose technology as our partner in our journey.

Today we have more than 200 team members and more than 150 clients. We have 400 locations with 30+ delivery centres spread over 24 Indian states, with our headquarters located in Gurugram and Bangalore.

Our company was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between employers and job seekers. We offer comprehensive solutions, including staffing, recruitment, sales outsourcing, and leadership hiring.

Avsar’s trip was like riding on an emotional roller coaster with both good and bad events. There has been a 200% YOY increase.

Today, well-known companies like Flipkart, GooglePay, PayTm, Reliance, Croma, Amazon, Swiggy, Udaan, Bigbasket, etc. are among our clients. We were recently listed as one of India’s “25 Fastest Growing HR Companies.

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