Necessary Preparations Before A Headshot Photography For Your Business

corporate portrait photography

Once you have decided who to hire for the headshot photography sessions, it’s time to prepare for the session.

It is totally natural to feel a bit nervous but rest assured that with the right amount of preparation, you can rock the shoot!

There are a lot of different elements that need to be considered before and during the photoshoot.

And more often than not a few simple tips can help you get the best results. You can truly unlock the benefits of hiring a professional photographer with the following steps of necessary preparation.

Quick Tip!

Make sure your schedule is free right before the corporate headshot photography session. While it is not easy to plan an entire week ahead but you should not have any appointments or scheduling conflicts to upset you before or during the shoot.

The minutes leading up to the session must be left for relaxing! It will show up in the photographs.

Study Your Brand Theme

Corporate headshot photography is all about you and your brand. You must have a clear idea of your brand story and values before the headshot photography session.

Know the most prominent colors linked to your brand and whether you can wear them. Wear the colors that coordinate well with your brand but do not overshadow your personality.

Pay attention if the colors will look good with the website. You can always consult your friends and family or simply dig into your old photographs to know what suits you the most.

When it comes to brand identity, the idea of adding logos into the photos can be lucrative. Drop the idea as it can make your potential clients focus on those instead of you.

Discuss Every Detail With Your Photographer

You know yourself and your brand. The next step is to discuss your vision with your photographer.

You need to have great chemistry with your photographer to be comfortable during the shoot. While you are searching for the best portfolios and the most reputable names, don’t forget to arrange virtual meeting sessions with your photographer. 

A headshot session is short and generally requires some preparation beforehand to ensure that you and the photographer are on the same page.

Share your expectations and it would be easier for them to meet them. If possible, arrange meetings with the photography crew, especially when you are hiring their services for your entire team.

Choose A Comfortable Outfit

After finding the right corporate headshot photographer, the second most important thing is to select the right outfit.

Although the choice of clothes is ultimately yours, there are a few tips and tricks that almost always work. Here is a brief list for you.

Prefer wearing solid colors as they do not distract attention from your face. Although you can wear simple patterns, make sure they are not too fussy and attention-grabbing.

Avoid wearing clothes that are either too tight or too loose. Wearing perfectly tailored clothes can boost your confidence like nothing else.

Add some layers. If need be, you can remove or wear the cardigan to change the look during the shoot.

You generally don’t have time to change the entire dress during the shoot so layers can help you achieve multiple looks.

It is best to bring a different top or jacket with you for backup. In case the lights or backgrounds do not work well with one top, you can swap it with a different one.

Avoid wearing neon colors, busy prints, polo necks, jet black tops, and stark white clothes. Cream, grey, or navy tops are the best colors for headshot photography.

Do not show too much skin. Even the best shots taken in summer vests look awkward during winters.

Keep The Hair And Makeup Simple

No one can tell you exactly what to do when it comes to hair and makeup as it is a very personal thing.

After selecting the right outfit, the next important thing is to select a professional hairstylist. Some people prefer to have their make-up done professionally before the shoot because it makes them feel confident.

If you feel the same, you must book an appointment beforehand. Any last-minute adjustments may affect the way you feel and that appear in your photographs. 

If you are hiring a makeup artist for the first time, don’t forget to take a test run and take some photographs. The most important thing is that you like yourself so that you are comfortable in your skin.

As far as hair is concerned, it looks more flattering to wear your hair down for the shoot but you can always make changes as per your preference.

If you are planning to have a haircut for the shoot, get it done a week or two ahead. Make sure your hair gets time to settle for a flawless look. Get your eyebrows shaped, if that’s how you keep them.

Get Some Rest And Hydrate Before The Shoot Day

It’s best to get 8 hours of sleep the day before the shoot day. Avoid eating salty foods and drinking alcohol a few days before the shoot so that you don’t look tired.

Drinks lots of water to keep your body hydrated for the natural glow. Get as much rest as possible in the days before the shoot so that you don’t look tired in the pictures.

Don’t Forget To Relax And Unwind

Stress and anxiety will show up in the photos so relax and unwind before the shoot. Chit-chat with your photographer and remind yourself that you look great.

Listen to your favorite track and do a little fun dance to let go of restraining thoughts. Just five minutes before the shoot, check your hair. 

Pat your face dries because the flash on the studio lighting reflects off any sweating and dry spots that can make your face look shiny.

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If you wear glasses make sure they are glare resistant. And you are all set for making a strong first impression. It could the deciding factor between business and a lost opportunity!