Interview: Neeraj Kansal- CEO of Crack Academy, an online edtech platform for Civil Services Examination

Neeraj Kansal

An interview with Neeraj Kansal- CEO of Crack Academy, India’s first online edtech platform for Civil Services Examination

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Neeraj Kansal, the visionary CEO of Crack Academy, India’s pioneering online edtech platform for Civil Services Examination preparation. With a commitment to democratizing access to quality education, Neeraj has revolutionized the landscape of exam preparation.

Join us as we delve into the innovative strategies and transformative impact driving Crack Academy’s mission to empower aspirants nationwide.

Can you share the inspiration behind founding Crack Academy and your journey in the realm of online education?

Neeraj Kansal: Over the years, small-town students have struggled to compete due to a lack of national-level coaching facilities and proper guidance. I also belong to a small town in Punjab. I cracked the Civil Services Exam thrice but could not clear the interview. I know the pain points of students like me first hand.

There is a huge chasm between coaching opportunities available in metros vs the offering in smaller places. Recognizing this gap, CrackIAS (now Crack Academy) was founded to provide an affordable and accessible educational solution for students living across the country.

Launched in 2007 as India’s first Ed-tech platform for Civil Services Examination, CrackIAS helped get select thousands of IAS aspirants. For 17+ years, we empowered IAS aspirants by providing high-quality, affordable distance education through notes & assignments.

Now Crack academy brings you the best of both worlds through its revolutionary hybrid learning model involving online and live teaching in physical classrooms.  

What distinguishes Crack Academy from other online platforms catering to civil services examination preparation?

Neeraj Kansal: Crack Academy’s unique pedagogy and top-notch quality content is the need of the hour and aims to revolutionise the education landscape in the county. We bring you “Dilli wali coaching class” right at your doorsteps.

Our faculty consists of 50+ most sought after & renowned teachers of Delhi who will come live to teach you online in tier 3 and tier 4 cities through the power of education technology. The academy offers quality education, catering to the needs of students preparing for exams and courses like UPSC, IAS, SSC, Banking, Agniveer etc. and we have expanded our offerings to encompass vocational courses as well as academic coaching for senior school subjects as well.

We have also partnered with Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation to provide Civil Services coaching to the foundation’s meritorious students of classes 10th & 12th. In addition, the academy has partnered with the Haryana Government to develop its SSA Module.

Hence, the academy has achieved various milestones since its inception, evident in its offerings and partnerships and distinguishing it from other online platforms.

How does Crack Academy leverage technology to enhance learning outcomes for aspirants preparing for the civil services examination?

Neeraj Kansal: By leveraging cutting-edge teaching methodologies and technology-enabled learning tools, Crack Academy delivers an immersive learning experience that empowers students. The academy delivers an affordable and accessible Ed-tech solution by establishing partner-owned classroom centres in smaller towns, thereby diminishing the educational disparity.

Every day, the academy offers free, updated and myriad valuable resources to over 5 lakh students, bridging the educational gap. It also hosts career counselling sessions through interactions with its Mentor Team comprising of bureaucrats, judicial officers, alumni of IITs & IIMs, media personnel etc. 

This team is led by an alumni of MIT, Boston and offers invaluable insights and guidance to students. Crack academy also offers free scholarship programmes to meritorious students of tier 3 & tier4 towns.

Further, the academy aims to incorporate advanced analytics, interactive content, vocational courses, and personalized learning paths to ensure each student receives a tailored educational experience that meets their needs.

This technology-driven approach not only makes learning more engaging but also helps in tracking and improving student performance.

In what ways does Crack Academy adapt its content and teaching methodologies to cater to the diverse needs of civil services aspirants?

Neeraj Kansal: With a combination of convenience through online learning and an exceptional curriculum, Crack Academy offers a model tailored for students to fulfill their diverse needs of studying conveniently and accomplishing their dreams.

The curriculum is designed comprehensively, covering a wide range of subjects and competitive exams, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. In 2010, we launched the Red and Blue book series- a single-source solution that covers the entire syllabus for Civil Services exam preparation and has been a Bible for UPSC aspirants for over 17+ years.

Furthermore, we aim to bring “Dilli wali coaching” to tier 3 & 4 cities, providing a conducive learning environment through an affordable and accessible Ed-tech solution and Partner-owned Classroom Centers in smaller towns, bridging critical learning gaps with a visionary approach.

What advice would you give to aspiring civil servants who are considering utilizing online platforms like Crack Academy for their exam preparation?

Neeraj Kansal: Crack Academy envisions a world where every student, regardless of geographical location, has comprehensive access to quality education and opportunities for educational growth. One of the key strengths of Crack Academy is its commitment to affordability and accessibility.

As a team, our vision is to nurture talent, shape students’ academics, and enrich their learning experience. Aspiring civil servants considering online platforms will find all the benefits of physical classroom teaching too, here at Crack Academy.

The academy’s innovative model reduces the cost of education, making it affordable for students from all economic backgrounds. This commitment aims to make quality education accessible to the maximum number of students.

Our conversation with Neeraj Kansal has illuminated the trailblazing spirit behind Crack Academy, India’s leading online edtech platform for Civil Services Examination preparation.

Under Neeraj’s leadership, the platform continues to redefine traditional learning paradigms, making quality education accessible to aspirants across the country. As Crack Academy propels towards a future of excellence, we eagerly anticipate the continued success and empowerment it brings to countless aspirants nationwide.

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