New Parliament Building to Evoke National Pride: PM Narendra Modi

New Parliament building will make every Indian proud: PM Narendra Modi

27th May 2023: New Delhi, India – Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his confidence that the upcoming New Parliament Building will serve as a symbol of national pride, reflecting the aspirations and democratic values of every Indian citizen.

Speaking at an event marking the progress of the construction, the Prime Minister highlighted the significance of the new edifice in the country’s democratic journey.

The New Parliament Building, a visionary project aimed at modernizing the country’s legislative infrastructure, is being constructed in close proximity to the existing Parliament House in New Delhi.

The design of the building is a blend of traditional and contemporary architectural elements, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of India’s rich heritage and its progressive outlook.

Prime Minister Marendra Modi remarked, “The New Parliament Building is not just a structure made of bricks and mortar; it is an embodiment of our democratic ideals.

It will stand as a testimony to the strength and vibrancy of our democracy, making every Indian proud. This landmark project is a tribute to the collective will and aspirations of the people of India.”

The new building, envisioned as a state-of-the-art facility, will provide enhanced space, technology, and amenities for lawmakers to carry out their legislative responsibilities effectively.

It will accommodate the growing needs of a modern parliament and facilitate a more inclusive and participatory democratic process.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the construction of the New Parliament Building is a significant step towards India’s future.

He stated, “As a nation, we are moving ahead on the path of progress, and the New Parliament Building is a reflection of our ambitions.

It will foster better coordination among various political parties and promote constructive debates for the benefit of our citizens.”

Prime Minister Modi also acknowledged the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders involved in the project, including architects, engineers, and construction workers. He commended their dedication and expressed gratitude for their contribution to this iconic endeavor.

The New Parliament Building project aligns with the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and reflects its vision of a resurgent, inclusive, and self-reliant India.

It is expected to create numerous job opportunities and boost the economy through its construction and subsequent activities.

The Prime Minister concluded by stating, “The New Parliament Building will be a place where the voice of every Indian will be heard and valued.

It will be a temple of democracy, inspiring generations to come. Let us embrace this project with pride and look forward to a future where our democracy thrives, guided by the ideals enshrined in this magnificent structure.”

The construction of the New Parliament Building is progressing at a steady pace, with adherence to quality standards and stringent timelines.

It is anticipated that the project will be completed within the scheduled timeframe, further enhancing India’s position as a global symbol of democracy.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this news article are based on the statements made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and are not to be considered as official statements of the government.

The progress and completion of the New Parliament Building are subject to construction timelines and other relevant factors.

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