New Ways to Get Instant Relief from Migraine Pain


Migraine is not just a typical headache. It is much more than that. You may say that it is a kind of neurological condition that leads to excruciating pain and throbbing in the head, and the sufferer can stay in bed for long hours due to this massive pain condition.

Apart from headaches, other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, visual issues, irritation, numbness, tingling, weariness, and speaking problems.

The market is flooded with drugs available to treat migraine; however, most individuals do not prefer these drugs and medications but instead want to go for some other alternative, including functional medicine. Whenever someone gets a migraine attack, it becomes difficult for them to concentrate on work.

Below are certain ways that can help you relieve pain when you get a migraine attack:

Using ice packs

Ice packs have anti-inflammatory properties, and they can help soothe irritation and inflammation caused by a migraine attack.

All you need to do is apply an ice pack on your forehead, neck, and head to relieve the excruciating pain from a migraine attack.

Inhale soothing oil such as lavender

Inhaling lavender oil has been a common way to ease severe headaches since ancient times. There is proper evidence that claims that lavender can relieve extreme headaches.

However, you have to ensure that the lavender that you are inhaling is lucid, as it is one of the most effective and safe ways to treat acute signs of migraine. Whenever you get hit by a migraine, you must inhale lavender oil.

Join hands with yoga

The world is not unaware of the benefits of yoga. It is an aesthetic and spiritual discipline that can treat various diseases, including migraine.

It is one of the most trusted disciplines and techniques to deal with multiple health issues. The best thing about yoga is that this therapy does not have any side effects.

Use ginger

Ginger comes with a variety of health benefits, and one of the main qualities is that it helps in case of distress and pain that is triggered by migraine attacks.

You can use ginger powder to reduce severe headaches, and it can also minimize the duration of the attack.

Ginger tea is popularly known for having anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve extreme headaches. As such, you can say regular use of ginger can keep your migraine attack in check.

Go for massage therapies

There are multiple studies and research that focus on migraine patients, and they declared that frequent massage therapies might reduce the severity of the attack.

You must be glad to know that a reputed chiropractor or functional medicine can treat migraine. Many chiropractors can give various massage therapies depending on your condition.

You may opt for multiple massages, such as lymphatic massage, reflexology, or even Swedish massage, depending on your condition.

It Is the nervous system that controls the brain and all the functions of the body, including regulating energy levels and metabolic rate.

Your nervous system runs your brain; therefore, if you feel fatigued, then your nervous system will get affected.

If in case your spine is not aligned correctly, then the nervous system will be affected, which will affect the internal balance of your body.

Any spine misalignment can lead to extreme tiredness and lack of energy. You can talk to Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine, who can help you with the misalignment between massage and therapy.

If you feel these methods are not helpful for you, you need to consult a reputed chiropractor who can use alternative therapies to help you ease migraine attacks.

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