NFT Poetry: A Lesser-known NFT Investing Avenue

NFT Poetry

Do you know an Instagram poet Arch Hades recently sold one of his famous poems for $75,000 on NFT gateway? Amazingly that auction of NFT poem artwork lasted for 45 minutes only.

And the likes of Arch, Andre, and Rac got the opportunity to feature their work. This kind of price for a poem was unimaginable a few years ago.

But lately, the market is witnessing the rising popularity of Non-fungible tokens among the arts, sports, fashion, and music fraternity.

This is because people investing in NFTs are interested in exploring these niche industries. Poets are establishing themselves as a significant stakeholder in this transformation.

Keep reading to know how poetry is exposed to the booming NFT market and what the future holds for this union!

Poetry Venturing in NFTs

What more can make an artist happy than reclaiming the immense effort which goes into creating an artwork! The poets got this opportunity to widen their horizons and get cryptocurrencies in exchange for their poetry.

However, this is only the uprising of literary NFTs. Check out NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Curate, Foundation, Solsea, etc. You will find out that poetries and other expressions of art are still scarce on these platforms.

The integration of traditional poetry with the 21st-century crypto-verse is intriguing. NFTs opened the door in many ways for the poetries that barely touched the modern world to leave a lasting impression. Let’s see how!

4 Predominant NFT Poem Projects

These 4 NFT poem projects are setting the trend for the infiltration of poetry into the world of NFT.

1. theVERSEverse

TheVERSEverse was founded by Ana Maria Caballero, Sasha Stiles, and Kalen Iwamoto. They had the following 3 missions at the forefront:-

  • The amalgamation of the traditional poet’s creation with crypto artists and the creation of unique poetries representing multiple genres.
  • Encourage poets to come on crypto and support existing poets.
  • Provide spotlight to text-based artists active on crypto.

Globally, poets blend the genres to match the NFT poetry trend in this project. theVERSEverse took further steps to extend their partnerships and enrich them with the support of generative AI.

Their GenText series set an example by fusing and exploding technological, social, and poetic codes with the help of AI.

2. NFT Seed Poetry

Katherine Dozier Moshman, who began the series of Seed Poetry, also operates the NFT Poetry Gallery. Katherine creates bespoke poems which also feature her photography. She collaborates with various regular buyers.

The entanglement of poetry and photography, which is successful amongst the buyers, shows the diversity of opportunities within the NFT universe. Different genres can work together with perfect fine-tuning in this medium.

When you buy a poetry book, you are passively involved with it. Whereas, if you buy an NFT poetry, you can extend your participation to the extent of indulging in direct conversation with the creator. NFT poetries form a more functional relationship with its buyers and bring them closer.

3. Trash Art Poetry by NFT

Trash art represents the lighter side of NFT poetry. Here the poets interestingly mock everything from poetry to NFT medium, events, and broad social norms.

The compositions are majorly multi-genre, which makes them parallel to the creations of Moshman and LOST POETS. These artists can laugh at themselves!

More information on LOST POETS is coming up in this post. Trash Art Poetry showcases weird colors, sometimes neon.

The fonts they use are also unusual. Their poetry is something that a commoner can relate to. They choose a subject that is intertwined with day-to-day life.

You can safely say that these NFT poems are like a fresh breeze where you experience some witty wordplay.

The poets on the trash project work together like friends rather than colleagues or competitors. Everyone realizes his or her role in strengthening the community of poets on NFT.

4. LOST POETS From Pak

Pak is a well-known artist on the NFT platform. The Lost Poets project he initiated is a place to find enigmatic modern poems.

But once you get to understand the platform, you decode the cryptic language and see the opportunity in some roll-outs to buy.

These poems bind you till the end. Somewhere you know how it will end, but your attention remains with the poet till the end. Even after completing the poem, you may take a moment or two to form your meaning.

The buyers have direct participation in creating the meaning of LOST POETS NFT poems. And it happens without the interference of any agent, store, or publisher.

Parting Words!

NFT poems and digital arts are emerging options for people looking for more avenues for investing in NFTs. And the 4 projects mentioned here are helping the poets open the doors of the cyber world for them.

If you don’t want to put all your eggs in one NFT basket, you can always explore niches like real estate, poetry, gaming, music, etc.

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