Nirmal Jhawar – An Entrepreneurial Brawn that has decided to create a dent in the Indian Activewear and Innerwear Sector with a hammer named Tromko

Nirmal Jhawar - Co-Founder of Tromko

When an explorer started his journey of exploring the world of Entrepreneurship, he always had the vision to provide stability to the transitional industry of Indian Activewear and Innerwear.

Nirmal entered this cutthroat competitive industry where perfection, in terms of fitness and comfort, is everything and no miscalculation can be accepted.

He chose his path and started to walk on it, under a flag that depicted “Made in India but Made for the World”.

This experienced SWOT Analyst has completed his Masters in Business Administration in International Business from Westminster University, London.

His professional background also signifies his expertise in Textile Industry as he is managing a textile process house since 2012.

Along with these entrepreneurial attributes, he has been a Managing Trustee at RMG Maheshwari English High School since 2015, which shows his leadership characteristics by educating and motivating ‘today’s learners – future leaders’. 

Already being a Co-Founder of a textile company named Deal Hop Pvt. Ltd., Nirmal always had an inclination towards founding his own brand to explore the world of Innerwear and Activewear by experimenting with sustainable materials and providing a premium experience to the consumer. And this inclination of his originated Tromko. 

Tromko is an Activewear brand that caters to both men & women. In addition to the same, it also has a men’s innerwear line.

As a brand, Tromko wishes to reach out to its audiences with an enhanced experience of comfort and style through its advanced technology in terms of its design and production. The USP of the brand is Design and Fit. 

With an objective to create a brand to make meaningful noise in the Activewear and Innerwear category in India, Nirmal associates his brand name with playfulness and innovation that radiates youthful energy.

He wants his brand to resonate with the youth but not sideline other age groups at the same time.

He wants to create an aspirational value for his products while also not digressing from his middle-class and upper-middle-class audiences.

On asking “Where does he envision the brand in next 5 years?” He replied, “As the brand has come into existence to build styles fused with tech and right fabric for a better fit for everyone who wants to explore activewear and innerwear fashion, we are also exploring our dimensions and going to launch Tromko on the offline platform in the next 5 years.

We are also working tirelessly to penetrate into the International Markets (USA and UAE). We are confident that Tromko will be proven as a revolution in this industry and we will be known as an international brand that has fixed its claws in the market.”

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