Nirvana Realty’s unique pet-friendly homes are all set to leverage the country’s rising wave of pet ownership

Punit Agarwal, M.D & C.E.O, Nirvana Realty

Creates a new milestone in its portfolio by offering exclusive pet-friendly holiday homes

Pet ownership has risen worldwide as the pandemic compelled people to stay indoors for elongated time intervals.

According to industry surveys, our country records an anticipated pet population of 28 to 29 million, with dogs making up the bulk of pet ownership and cats, on the other hand, have been witnessing a more recent uptick in adoption.

Owing of pets has nevertheless vividly surged amidst the outbreak, mainly because pets did play an instrumental role in sustaining one’s mental wellness and lessen loneliness during the stay-at-home phase.

Home quarantine and subsequent lockdowns have persuaded home owners to satisfy their past ambitions of owning a pet and hence are looking to invest in homes having the environment and lifestyle to facilitate that.

Although pet ownership has witnessed a surge, it has been observed that with having pets comes the restriction to roam around freely without the worry of them.

Once the lockdown was lifted, people started facing issues while exploring with their pets, as some holiday places have many restrictions.

It is in this backdrop that Nirvana Realty, one of the leading developer in Maharashtra’s weekend home market has launched spacious pet-friendly holiday homes in high-growth second home destinations like City of Music, Khoppli and Wollywood, Wada.

Pets are an important part of our family, hence it is essential to provide them with an equally comfortable home with no space constraints and ample of dedicated amenities.

Pet ownership being a pre-dominant part presently, it follows that pets can certainly factor into the home buyer’s investment decisions too.

Pets do influence one’s residential preferences, in fact, in some cases, they may even be the catalyst for a move, along with other factors, such as remote work or fluctuating family priorities.

Demand for animal-friendly rentals has been estimated to double up as tenants who acquired pets in the midst of the lockdown are now looking to invest in bigger and more spacious family homes to accommodate their requisites.
Lending these spaces, a distinctiveness compared to traditional weekend homes are the superior amenities offered at Nirvana Realty’s pet-friendly weekend homes.

These homes come equipped with state-of-the-art outdoor facilities like signature dog pools, grooming stations, miniature dog parks, pet cafe, pet events and fun activities, dedicated caretakers, veterinary clinics, and dog-walking services.

The indoor features encompass rooms with pet-sized furniture, custom-built cabinets for food bowls, plenty of open areas, hard surface flooring, pet doors that avert them from running out and built-in wash areas.

While pet owners enjoy and relax with nature, they can be rest assured that their pet is perfectly taken care of by the management team.Mr. Punit Agarwal, M.D & C.E.O, Nirvana Realty, said, “The holiday homes segment has done well, driven by the strong demand coming in by probable end-users.

This is because the vacation homes market follows a diverse dynamic and is immune to slowdown affecting the real estate sector in general.

The upswing in pet ownership due to the significance of pet companionship during the quarantine periods have been well documented, and the industry has been witnessing this translate to the rental market.

These demands have driven the growth for pet-friendly villas or weekend homes replete with contemporary features, in many preferred weekend destinations.

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Our signature holiday homes factor in a multitude of features, thus augmenting the lifestyle quotients of customers and their fur companions.