Nitin Gadkari invites Elon Musk to manufacture e-vehicles in India

Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari invites Tesla to manufacture e-vehicles in India

April 27, 2022: Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has invited Tesla to set up a manufacturing base for electric vehicles in India. He also said that the government will provide all the necessary assistance to the company.

Tesla is one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world. It is yet to enter the Indian market and this invitation from the government is likely to help it make a decision.

Gadkari said that he had met with representatives from Tesla earlier this week and invited them to set up production facilities in India.

He added that the government will provide all the support needed for setting up such facilities, including land as well as special incentives for companies manufacturing electric vehicles in India.

In addition, Gadkari also talked about his plans to promote use of electric cars in India. He revealed that the government is working on an ambitious plan to make all new cars sold in India electric by 2030. As part of this plan, he said, public charging stations would be set up across major cities soon.

India has already taken several steps to promote electric vehicles in recent years. In 2017, the government announced plans to have at least 6 million electric cars on Indian roads by 2030.

It has also created a National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 with a target of achieving 30% electrification of the country’s vehicle fleet by that year.

So far, however, progress on these goals has been slow. Only about 2,000 electric cars have been sold in India so far, mostly due to the high cost of such vehicles as well as the lack of infrastructure for charging them.

Nevertheless, experts believe that the government’s latest move to encourage Tesla to manufacture electric cars in India will accelerate the adoption of such vehicles in India.

They also hope that this will inspire other companies as well as startups to enter the Indian electric car market and make it a global leader.

Gadkari’s invitation is seen as a big step forward for India’s efforts to promote green technologies and combat climate change.

Many environmental groups have welcomed the news and are hoping that this will help make India more environmentally sustainable in the years ahead.

Commentators are also optimistic about Tesla’s prospects in India, given its strong track record of success elsewhere around the world.

They believe that with support from the government, Tesla will be able to corner a large share of India’s growing electric car market in the years to come.

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So all in all, it looks like Nitin Gadkari’s invitation is great news for India as well as Tesla, and we can only hope that it leads to more partnerships between Indian and global companies to accelerate clean technology development.