Nokia Secures Pan-India Multi-Terabit Optical Transport Network Deal with Bharti Airtel


Strategic Partnership Marks Milestone in Advancing India’s Telecommunications Infrastructure

In a significant development for the telecommunications sector in India, Nokia has successfully clinched a pan-India multi-terabit optical transport network deal with Bharti Airtel. The agreement signifies a major stride in reinforcing the country’s digital infrastructure and enhancing the capabilities of one of its leading telecom operators.

Under the terms of the deal, Nokia will deploy its cutting-edge optical solutions to establish a state-of-the-art multi-terabit network for Bharti Airtel, spanning across the entire nation. The move is anticipated to significantly bolster Airtel’s network capacity, ensuring higher efficiency, enhanced data speeds, and improved overall performance for its subscribers.

Nokia’s optical transport network solutions are renowned for their reliability and scalability, making them well-suited for addressing the burgeoning data demands in India’s dynamic telecommunications landscape. The partnership aims to meet the growing needs of consumers and businesses for high-speed, low-latency connectivity.

Commenting on the collaboration, a representative from Nokia stated, “We are proud to support Bharti Airtel in this significant step towards fortifying its network infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art optical solutions will not only enhance the network’s capacity but also contribute to the delivery of superior and uninterrupted services to Airtel’s customers across the country.”

The deployment of a multi-terabit optical transport network is expected to play a crucial role in enabling Bharti Airtel to meet the escalating data demands driven by factors such as the proliferation of digital services, increased smartphone usage, and the widespread adoption of emerging technologies.

This strategic partnership aligns with India’s broader vision of fostering a digital-first economy, emphasizing the critical role of robust telecommunications infrastructure in achieving this goal. As Nokia takes on a key role in fortifying Bharti Airtel’s network capabilities, the collaboration is poised to have a positive ripple effect on the overall digital connectivity landscape in the country.

The Nokia-Bharti Airtel deal signifies not only a significant business milestone for both entities but also a substantial contribution to India’s digital transformation journey. The deployment of advanced optical transport solutions is set to elevate the standards of connectivity and pave the way for enhanced digital experiences for millions of Airtel subscribers across India.

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