North Goa Airport Launches Direct IndiGo Flight Services to Abu Dhabi


North Goa Airport Announces Direct Indigo Flight Services To Abu Dhabi

Panaji, August 29, 2023 — North Goa’s bustling airport is set to strengthen its international connectivity as it prepares to launch direct flight services to Abu Dhabi by IndiGo, one of India’s leading airlines.

Commencing from this upcoming Saturday, the new route is expected to enhance travel options for both leisure and business travelers, fostering increased bilateral ties and boosting tourism between the two destinations.

The announcement was made by officials from both the Dabolim Airport Authority and IndiGo Airlines during a joint press conference held today. The new route is seen as a strategic step to cater to the rising demand for convenient travel options to the Middle East from the popular coastal state.

Scheduled to operate twice a week, the non-stop flights are set to provide a seamless link between North Goa and Abu Dhabi, catering to a wide range of travelers including tourists, expatriates, and business professionals. The service will utilize modern and efficient aircraft, offering a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

“Direct flight connectivity between North Goa and Abu Dhabi signifies a significant milestone for the airport and the region. We believe that this new route will not only provide convenient travel options but also stimulate tourism and business activities.

We are excited to partner with IndiGo in bringing this service to fruition,” remarked a representative from the Dabolim Airport Authority.

The announcement also drew attention to the enhanced safety and health measures that have been put in place to ensure the well-being of passengers in light of the ongoing global situation.

IndiGo Airlines, known for its wide network and reliable services, expressed enthusiasm about the new venture. “Our commitment to providing seamless travel experiences aligns with the spirit of this new route.

We are delighted to contribute to the connectivity of North Goa and Abu Dhabi, opening up avenues for both leisure and business travelers to explore and engage with these vibrant destinations,” stated a spokesperson from IndiGo.

The addition of this new route to Abu Dhabi marks another step forward in North Goa Airport’s efforts to diversify and expand its international flight offerings. With its scenic beaches and vibrant culture, North Goa has been a favored destination for domestic and international travelers alike.

The new direct flight services are expected to further boost the region’s popularity and contribute to its economic growth.

As the inaugural flight takes off this Saturday, anticipation is high among travelers and stakeholders, and all eyes are on the positive impact this new route will bring to both North Goa’s tourism landscape and its broader economic development.

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