NRI Summit 2023 in association with the World Malayalee Council

World Malayalee Council

Ram Rattan Group was invited to the NRI Summit 2023 in association with the World Malayalee Council on July 7–9 at the Ashoka, New Delhi.

The World Malayalee Council aims to foster a sense of global unity among individuals of Kerala origin.

Its goal is to enhance their cultural, artistic, and social distinctiveness while also promoting mutual understanding and resilience when engaging with other cultures in their shared environments.

Ram Rattan Group aligns with the Vision and Core of the Malayalee Council. The Chairman, Vijay Chaudhary, always held to unite the cultures together, and what’s better than to share the unique and trustworthy Farmhouses of North India with South India?

No matter the people, the culture, or the values, what unites them is their dream of having a sense of living in this fast-paced world.

Ram Rattan Group was also the sponsor and promoter of the summit. The theme presented by Ram Rattan was “Escape to the Enchanting World of Green Life”.

The main motive behind this theme was decoded by Vijay Chaudhary, who said, “The world we’re living in demands a switch-off from digital Gadgets and Social Media.

Maintenance of work-life balance is a need for our well-being. Our Farmhouse Communities are built to bring that balance and solace in your life, and today, with the World Malayalee Council, We’re here to bring you to see the magic of our farmhouses, which are an escape from this world to a Green Life full of Peace and positivity.” 

The Event had almost 400 NRIs from five different continents and 52 provinces. The Association also had a glimpse of a moment where the NRIs were emotional coming back to their motherland.

Ram Rattan Group urged them to have their own luxurious property in India and join the experience of living in the lap of nature, which is exactly what they were missing with their Farmhouse Communities.

Ram Rattan Group had an impressive touch at the summit, which filled everyone with the harmony of nature, sustainable living, and the joy that comes from farming.

It was a three-day event of inspiring, educating, and connecting together to join each other’s cultures and respect the values that come from them.

The World Malayalee Council hosted and greeted Vijay Chaudhary, Chairman of Ram Rattan Group, and appreciated his focused and dedicated approach to carrying forward the 40 year-old Legacy of Ram Rattan Group by omitting the generational gaps with new-age strategies and goals.

“Kerala is God’s own country, and people know the importance of greenery and mother nature. I want to welcome you to our Farmhouses, where the environment, the peace, and the positivity will make you remember your home state,” added Mr. Chaudhary.

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