Successful Entrepreneur Story of Odhavaji Raghavji Patel, Ajanta Clock Founder and Father of Wall Clock

Odhavaji Raghavji Patel - Ajanta ORPAT group
Odhavaji Raghavji Patel: Founder of Ajanta ORPAT group. Image source: orpatgroup

A Success Story of Odhavaji Raghavji Patel, the person who was an Ordinary Teacher became a Father Of Wall Clock.

Many of you already heard of the inspirational success story of Odhavaji Raghavji Patel, Ajanta Clock Founder.

Reading motivational success stories of successful Indian Entrepreneurs stimulates motivational enzymes within us and we all wish to emulate them on the path of success.

Exactly with this aim, SugerMint is presenting you series of success stories of Indian Entrepreneurs who have carved niche in their own way and have become icons.

Following above, today you will read the success story of Odhavaji Raghavji Patel, Ajanta ORPAT group founder.

Hope Odhavaji Raghavji Patel’s success story from teacher to ₹ 1100 crores empire of Ajanta ORPAT group will inspire you.

One and all in this world having aspiration to lead a parsimonious and esteemed life. Despite the fact that we are much ambitious of being successful, very few of us in fact get to delight the experience of remarkable achievement.

Many of them leave their vision in the middle because of lack of determination, desires and passion to compete.

Nonetheless, any one of these destructive aspects overpowered Odhavji Raghavji Patel as he struggled himself to do superior. Therefore he prospered in charming a great Indian entrepreneur and businessman.

Patel initiated his business with Rs 1 Lakh in the year 1971, which is today almost Rs 1,200 Crores worth kingdom, this is one of the most encouraging stories.

Odhavji Raghavji Patel was the founder of Ajanta Orpat Group and he is still worldly acknowledged as a “Father Of Wall Clocks”.

How Odhavji Raghavji Patel Achieved The Zenith Of Success?

Addressing from a Gujarati family, Mr. Patel desired to be a pilot in his younger life. He finished his graduate (B.Sc.), but did not get care from his old-fashioned and conformist mind-set family in following his vision.

Consequently, he choose to teaching and begun teaching science at a high school in Morbi district of Gujarat state in India for an income of around Rs. 55 a month.

As the years kept going on, at some phase he understood his income were not sufficient to grow his four sons and two daughters.

He had always a distinctive intelligence of doing somewhat great, but was in a predicament of how a science teacher possibly will do on his possess.

He came in contact with several people in Morbi and identify that some of them wished to start a clock manufacturing industry.

He at that moment ran the business from a leased property, an industrialised magnetic clocks with coil.

Yet, he had still continued teaching passion and was connected with many academic institutes, community and cultural associations.

He also worked eternally in water-harvesting in the water scarcity region of Saurashtra, Gujarat, India.

The Company’s Brand Name Inception

His company’s renowned brands in reasonably priced products — Ajanta and Orpat.
Orpat was entitled from Shri. Odhavji Raghavji Patel’s initials, O. R. Patel, and Oreva was named from Odhavji and his wife Revaben’s initials — transformed the wall clock industry in India.

The Company’s Real Successive Journey and Expansion

Mr. Patel had worked as a science teacher at a school for 20 years and became entrepreneur at the age of 45 with finance of Rs. 1 Lakh in 1971.

He introduced a partnership business, Ajanta Transistor Clock Manufacturing Company. That was the establishment of an emerging and eminent brand, Ajanta Quartz.

In the succeeding four decades, Ajanta turned out to be the world’s leading wall clock manufacturer and accompanied by the tiles manufacturing groups, positioned the town’s name, Morbi.

Mr. Patel modernized the Indian wall clock business with the institution of Quartz Technology in the year 1988 and Digital Quartz in the year 2005, that’s the importation from Japan and Taiwan.

Of the 10,000 employees at Ajanta Group, approximately 80 per cent are women as the founder believed that their dedication and sympathy delivered accuracy to the making of clock.

More than 100 buses now work between the Ajanta factories and several 190 villages for the transportation services to these women employees.

Present-day Prominence Of Ajanta Group

The company is investing their business profit for growing their businesses. This has supported them to compete with other competitors and to stand in the industry successively.

Nowadays, It’s a Rs 1,200 Crores valued and Ajanta Group with 450 distributors which exports to about 45 countries.

The enterprise manufactures and sells various products such as — switches, refreshments, electric bikes, tube lights, timepieces, learning toys, electric table lamps, telephones, calculators, watches and wall clocks.

The group has been planning to endeavour into cement and car manufacturing as well. The group is also having their manufacturing units in Morbi as well as in Kutch.

The company generated impressive revenue of Rs. 1,200 Crores and it has over 10,000 employees.

The Gujarat based company, which is the world’s largest wall clock manufacturer, aims Rs. 2,400 Crores turnover in next five years.

Odhavaji Raghavji Patel will always be remembered for their employees and all of us. He died in the year of 2012 at the age of 87 in Morbi district of Gujarat state of India.

We hope you find the inspirational success story of Odhavaji Raghavji Patel, Ajanta Clock Founder inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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