Orient Room Heater (HC2003D) Ideal for Medium and Large Rooms

Orient Room Heater

Orient Room Heater (HC2003D) you can buy this winter season.

When chilly cold weather stuck your walls and freezing air breezes around your space, then find a place where you get some warm environment using an electric heater. An electric heater is an electric device that transforms electric current into heat.

It heats the interior of the space within a few minutes. These electric heaters are suitable for home, office, kitchen, or bathroom.

Here we are presenting an Orient electric fan heater that keeps your space warm. Using this
electric heater is the simplest way to relax in winters.

Orient electric delivers an extensive range of ceiling fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, and multi-utility fans that are popular for their quality and longevity.

One of the most exclusive products of Orient electric is its fan heater that ensures warm and
soothing airflow across the room or any other spaces. Other popular heater to buy online.

Its adjustable temperature control options let you select the heat from various options. It is easy to operate and easy to carry, which quickly warms your room as per your requirement.

Benefits of Orient Room Heater (HC2003D)

● It is easy in functioning and easy to carry.
● It has an adjustable control panel to adjust heat as per the environment.
● This machine stays safe and runs for a more extended period.
● It has safety as well as thermal cut.
● This product is suitable for spot heating.
● This fan heater comes with an adjustable stand.
● It has two fans for faster heating.
● This fan heater is cheaper than other sources of heat.

Orient Room Heater (HC2003D) Specification

● This product supplies 230 v 50 Hz AC power with earthing
● It works with 2000 watts.
● This item weighs 3.46kg.
● The dimension of this fan is 41.1525.6521.34cm.
● It has an inbuilt night light.
● It includes one fan heater.
● This fan heater comes at 7 in heat convertors.
● It has a petite size that fits in any space.
● It is composed of a powder-coated metal body.


This Orient Fan heater can warm a small space just like a room or any other tiny area in your
home. If you want to heat a larger space, then this electric heater is not for you.

It also has a very short cord that is a big mess for extended plugins. This heater doesn’t allow allergens to spread and takes little time to warm your room.

Orient Room Heater (HC2003D) Reviews

Customers reviewed that this Orient Electric Fan Heater is affordable enough when compared
with other sources of heating. It helps in minimizing the utility bills because its up-front cost is low.

Customers also state that this electric Orient Room Heater (HC2003D) is easy to use as it just requires a simple plugin. It is safe to operate as it has two built-in safety precautions.

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Customers write that this electric Orient Room Heater (HC2003D) is automatically shut down when someone is closer to the heater and never overheats, which causes combustion.

It has a perfect size that fits under every space as you can put it on the table and hang it on the wall. It’s a very lightweight heater that is highly portable to carry everywhere. You can travel with it and also keep it for your office use.

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