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Kulchas Punjabi Restaurant

When it comes to quelling hunger pangs, more often than not you look for something that is quick, tasty, basic, filling and does not break your bank. Kulcha — a traditional North Indian cuisine — ticks all the boxes.

What more can you ask for when something like Kulcha, which is not junk food and is rather loaded with the goodness of carbohydrate, protein, and probiotics, is on offer?

This enormously gooey meal guarantees you a filling experience. A single Kulcha meal, when paired with delicious chole (chickpea curry) and calming lassi, can take care of your taste buds as well as hunger.

Little wonder, Chole Kulcha is loved by all across age groups for decades.

A humble leavened flatbread, made of simple ingredients like wheat flour, species and curd, this authentic cuisine from North India has become a staple food across the length and breadth of India.

Crispy as well as soft and slathered with butter, a bite of Kulcha is enough to take you to the by lanes of Amritsar- its origin.

Scrumptious Punjabi cuisine Kulcha is abundantly available in the food streets. What is difficult to get is an authentic North Indian taste.

To make a foray into the Indian restaurant franchise business or expanding your Punjabi food business, Kulcha can offer the most profitable North Indian food franchise opportunities.

Kulchas and More, a leading North Indian restaurant, has been an exemplary restaurant franchise model.

One of the USPs of this Kulcha-serving restaurant — which is among the most profitable franchises — is its team. Kulchas and More’s masterful chefs, specially trained in Amritsar, prepare authentic recipes and guarantee a finger-licking experience.

The best ingredients sourced from Punjab and other parts of India are used at the restaurant to make Kulchas in a traditional way.

If mushrooming Kulcha-Chole street vendors are any indication, it is one meal that has gained popularity and acceptance like no other North Indian cuisine in recent times.

As an industry expert, at Franchise Insider we strongly believe that missing in the food franchise business are restaurants that give a fine dining as well as delivery options for this stuffed bread.

4 reasons to own a Kulchas restaurant business now

Kulcha has already earned its popularity and acceptance as a traditional North Indian food and its lovers are here to stay. What people want more is good presentation and home delivery.

A huge but untapped restaurant business waiting to be milked and serve an authentic taste with unmatched quality.

Be the pioneer in giving this street food a gourmet appeal.

Best opportunity to have a small fine-dine outlet while easily catering to online orders as well.

Good food and a good value are a happy sign for both the restaurants and the customers.

And this is exactly what happens at Kulchas and More — a Kulcha special chain of restaurants, which started in Vadodara and is well on course to make it big across India.

For food lovers, the options are no longer limited to traditional varieties like potato and paneer fillings. Kulchas and More gives you the original Amritsari taste combined with fusion flavours to have stuffing’s of your choice like Gobi, mix vegetables, and cheese.

And, introducing for the first time in India- Kulcha pizza for those who love a food delicacy with twists.

Restaurant franchisor Kulchas and More serves a perfect recipe for those who want to see their dream of entering the food business by owning a restaurant coming true.

Reasons to own Kulchas and More restaurant

  • All you need is space of 500 sq. ft to 700 sq. ft to open the restaurant.
  • An investment of merely Rs 15 lakh to 20 lakhs is needed to own a North Indian cuisine restaurant.
  • Fast returns on investments in this franchise is a sure shot as this restaurant serves basic food.
  • Ever-growing demand for the authentic Punjabi cuisine has created a huge space for Kulchas and More in the online delivery segment as well.
  • Franchisor Kulcha and More provides support in hiring and training the restaurant staff.
  • The franchisor will also extend a helping hand for in-store maintenance and supplies.
  • It offers multiple revenue generation options — restaurant, home delivery, catering, and food festivals.
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