Pallav Shah, an artist, who believes everyone has the power to design their own success

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In well-established business families, it is a common phenomenon that a son always takes over the father’s business empire.

When one gets to enjoy privileges without hard labour, why bother to go through all the challenges again?

However, Pallav Shah, whose soul bubbles with creativity, took a path of fulfilling his artistic desires and left behind his father’s flourishing business in the metal industry.

Pallav Shah chose art over comfort to design his own future. It is a well-known adage that follows your passion and success will follow you.

Pallav Shah’s success journey from being a junior artist at Navnitlal & co. to starting his own branding agency is a perfect example of the above-mentioned saying.

Today, his branding agency is 5 years old having 21 years of industry experience and has been successfully serving hot ideaz to help brands make a strong impact on their target audience. 

‘Serving hot ideaz always’ is a very catchy slogan of your branding agency design kettle. Can you tell us why did you choose this slogan?

As everyone knows that advertising and branding are the fields that are ever-changing. Yes, the only thing permanent in this sector is the change.

Every business starts with a strong idea, however, what brands fail to understand is that the same idea needs to be conveyed in a different manner to keep their brands relevant all the time.

Brand’s roots can be old, but its fragrance should always be fresh. This is the core reason why I wanted to have a slogan that in a simple and powerful manner tells my clients that at Design Kettle, we are updated with the on-going trends and work hard to keep your brand as refreshing as a hot cup of tea. 

Tell our audience something about your journey as a designer. Did you always wish to find your own design and branding agency?

Being a reputed designer in the industry was always a dream. However, I didn’t know the path.

I just knew one thing that no matter what happens along the journey, I have to follow my passion.

I worked as the visualizer for 15 long years in the ad agency. In this period, I did every kind of job-related to designing, branding, and advertising.

My research in the latest trends in the design field was going side by side and me as the professional also helped my organization to implement the same.

From executing various techniques to exploring the unknown, I gradually developed confidence, and there came a day when I was very determined to open my own designing agency. 

Today, it is indeed a matter of Design Kettle has worked with more than 100 clients and the number is still growing. With each client, we have established a personal connection to create their unique identity that ingeniously positions them in the market. 

Did you have a mentor or a motivator who was your constant source of inspiration?

Yes, I had one. Mr. Vitthal Varia is my mentor, my guru, and my idol. He is a faculty from the National Institute of Design (NID) and he is the one who has designed the logo for Reliance Industry.

Mr. Vitthal Varia has always motivated me to try my hands at different things. For him, a good designer is the one who has the expertise in one core area, but his talent should not be confined in those limits.

If one is extremely good at illustrations, as an artist, he should be open to other forms of art that will expand his creative outlook.

This philosophy was deeply ingrained in my mind and, hence, I was always progressing and am still at different avenues for development.

At Design Kettle, along with serving hot ideaz always, what is your recipe for retaining long term customers?

When a customer comes to us, he has the set definition of what he wants. Every customer wants to go to the next level through branding that sets them apart from their competitors.

But, they aren’t aware of the pros and cons of the branding that they have visualized for themselves.

Hence, before starting the work, we offer them consultation. Our team researches their industry, their target audiences, their likes and dislikes, and check out the feasibility of the kinds of designs and campaigns that will reap good results for them. 

After this preliminary process, we initiate our work of design, where we provide cutting-edge solutions that truly transform their brand and help them communicate in a brilliant way to all their stakeholders.

Backed by the idea of ‘hot ideaz’ and impactful design solutions, we have helped leading organizations from diverse domains like FMCG, Real Estate, Entertainment, Finance, Food and Hospitality, E-commerce, Government Agencies, Health Sector, etc. 

Can you please tell our audience about the different kinds of design solutions that Design Kettle offers?

At every step of offering our clients the extraordinary solutions, we offer different services to help them create an impressive identity. Our services are:

  • Logo Identity Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Advertising Photo-shoot
  • Video Presentation 

Lastly, what is your piece of advice for the budding designers in Ahmedabad?

Observation. Observe people, surroundings, nature, and study everything that meets your eyes. Nature, along with experience teaches a designer a lot.

Also, it is very important to maintain contacts. In this field, along with being truly brilliant at one’s work, if you have good contacts, then your expertise will spread like wildfire.

So, work hard, it goes a long way, but is socially proactive too, that will take your talent everywhere. 

Another important thing is that a designer should help the society. He or she should be sensitive to the problems of the community and should also work for their betterment.

Your design skills should not be just for professional purposes but also initiate a change in the society. 

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