Ms Pallavi Jajodia, Founder of Arva Innovations Pvt Ltd

Pallavi Jajodia

Ms Pallavi Jajodia is a dynamic entrepreneur and the visionary leader who is the Founder of Arva Innovations Pvt Ltd, a startup company working towards sustainability. With a diverse educational background and extensive professional experience, she has successfully navigated the realms of business and sustainability.

Her commitment to creating positive change and her exceptional leadership skills have been instrumental in establishing Arva Innovations.

Pallavi completed her Bachelor in Business Administration from Christ University in Bengaluru. She further honed her business acumen by pursuing a Post Graduate Program in Global Family Managed Business from SP Jain School of Global Management in Mumbai.

Additionally, she holds a certificate course in Entrepreneurship from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.

Her academic achievements have provided her with a strong foundation in business management and entrepreneurship.

With over six years of experience, Pallavi excelled in various roles within the corporate landscape. She spent a significant portion of her career at Dollar Industries Ltd, the leading hosiery brand of the county, where she successfully headed the women’s garments segment.

Her responsibilities also extended to managing human resources, allowing her to showcase her versatile skill set.

Her experience in Dollar Industries allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and customer needs.

Arva Innovations, headquartered in Kolkata, primarily operates in the business-to- business (B2B) segment. Through Arva Innovations, she aims to bring sustainable solutions to businesses, facilitating their transition towards eco-friendly practices.

Her prime focus is to promote the usage of edible cutleries. She has so far introduced straws, plates, spoons and bowls in this category in the domestic market. These products will be introduced in the B2C segment from the coming year.  

Under the Dollar Foundation, a philanthropic initiative, she introduced PLOG RUN in Tirupur, Tamilnadu. This event not only promoted environmental awareness but also showcased her dedication to social causes. Pallavi has actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors, including supporting cancer patients through donations.

She is also a part of an NGO in Tirupur, dedicating her time and resources to social causes. Furthermore, her efforts contributed to getting featured in the leading international magazine Forbes highlighting Dollar’s success and innovations.

Outside her professional pursuits, Pallavi finds solace in playing the flute and indulging in painting. These creative outlets allow her to channelize her energy and foster a balanced lifestyle.

Born in Kolkata and raised in Tirupur, Pallavi has deep roots in diverse cultural backgrounds. She is currently married and continues to reside in Kolkata. Her multicultural experiences have shaped her worldview and enriched her ability to connect with individuals from different walks of life.

Pallavi’s leadership at Arva Innovations continues to drive the company’s mission of transforming businesses through innovative and eco-conscious practices.

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