Interview with Paras Thakkar, young entrepreneur & Founder of Sourceinfi

Paras Thakkar

An exclusive interview with Paras Thakkar, Founder of Sourceinfi, a technology-driven Global Supply Chain

In the fast-evolving landscape of global supply chain management, innovation and technology play pivotal roles in shaping the future of businesses. One such visionary entrepreneur leading the charge is Paras Thakkar, the Founder of Sourceinfi.

With a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of the global supply chain, Paras has harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way businesses operate and collaborate across borders.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the mind of Paras Thakkar, exploring the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that have defined his journey in establishing Sourceinfi as a trailblazer in the tech-driven global supply chain ecosystem.

Can you share the story behind the founding of Sourceinfi? What inspired you to venture into the realm of technology-driven Global Supply Chain Enablement?

Paras Thakkar: I have been working in the eCommerce industry for a prolonged period, mainly focusing on operations and supply chains. This story starts with my growing interest in attending multiple networking events where I have across like-minded eCommerce players who would often discuss the current challenges of the industry and provide valuable insights about industry trends.

This further led me to deeply analyse the knowledge I gained and figure out the major problems faced by marketers, and that was the uniqueness of the product.

Marketers are more passionate about getting new products into the market and finding someone reliable who can source them. And the majority of these products are Chinese ( A category), that are easily available to Indian suppliers who sell on marketplaces.

So, with the help of these suppliers, we were able to bring new inventory or products from China enlisted on our platform, which can be easily assessed by marketers who can easily plug and play on our portal, connecting through the Shopify store.

So this Chinese inventory has a huge contribution to the Indian eCommerce segment and is easily available to these marketers on our platform.

This has enabled marketers to work from their laptops and run their eCommerce business with just a few clicks at absolute convenience. They can start importing any products and start giving orders with proper SKU management, and we have a vast network of suppliers who can fulfil that in a matter of time.    

Further, we collaborated with marketers who wanted to launch their own D2C brands and we started importing in certain niches such as baby care, electronics, well-being products, etc. This helped us act as a bridge between these marketers and our platform where they could find a plethora of products and suppliers every day.

Sourceinfi is recognized for its technological innovations in global supply chain management. Can you elaborate on some of the key technologies your company has implemented to enhance supply chain processes?

Paras Thakkar: Our main focus is finding new products in the market, so once a new product is identified, we find a supplier who can manufacture that product. Our strategy to make the product available in the market within 48 hours is what makes us a differentiator in the market.

This process can be easily accessed via our panels which are comprehensively linked to the Shopify stores of these marketers or drop shippers.

So basically, our easy integration with an order management system like Shopify and a platform like ours where fulfilment can be done easily and seamlessly with just a couple of clicks, enables these eCommerce brands to do headless eCommerce where they don’t need to put any effort in sourcing. They can easily approach our panel, make suggestions, and get their products sourced from China or India (if available).

What are some of the significant challenges that businesses face in managing global supply chains, and how does Sourceinfi address these challenges through its solutions?

Paras Thakkar: To be honest, sourcing a product is not a piece of cake. To source a product, one has to go through multiple layers of filtration, First of all, you need a reliable supplier who has expertise in managing or manufacturing products in a particular niche. It further depends on the ability of the platform you choose, whether it can efficiently suggest different quality of the same products with different prices to the marketer.

So our network of suppliers who are based out of India procure or manufacture inventory from India or China, thus enabling us to come out with a product faster, providing us an edge over other competitors.

We are addressing one of the major problems which marketer faces, and that is their inability to find and source a new product in the marketplace. All they need to do is approach us with their requirement and our team can get it stock-ready from our vast network of suppliers and start generating orders.

How do you ensure that Sourceinfi’s solutions remain adaptable to the unique needs and nuances of different industries and geographies?

Paras Thakkar: Our marketers are well-versed in diverse geographies and industries across the country because once these drop shippers start focusing on a specific category, they figure out the problem statement of that category.

They further address the problems by mapping it with currently available products and they consider different geographies to execute it. For instance, if any marketer based in UTs like Ladakh and Kashmir wants to source winterwear, they can easily connect to our network of centrally located suppliers and get it fulfilled.

We have 5-6 leading courier partners in India who cover 99% of the country and help us serve two different corners of the country in just a matter of time.

As a successful entrepreneur, what advice do you have for individuals aspiring to enter the technology-driven supply chain enablement space?

Paras Thakkar: To start with the very foundations of Source iNFi, we started with finding a problem, connecting to our initial prospects, convincing them to use our platform, getting their feedback and building a product. Customer feedback has by and large fuelled the establishment of Source iNFi.

So my one advice to budding entrepreneurs is to prioritize the needs of their potential customers and dissect the problems they are facing to fulfil that need.

The supply chain has multiple complexities which can be easily solved by implementing technology. As a problem-solver, you always have the burden to come up with an innovative feature that would directly address the problem faced by the customer, and that is the only relevant way to taste success in this field.

Paras Thakkar’s insights into the technology-driven global supply chain landscape reveal a future where adaptability and innovation are not merely competitive advantages but absolute necessities.

Source iNFi, under his leadership, stands as a testament to the transformative potential of harnessing technology to enhance efficiency, transparency, and collaboration in the supply chain.

As we conclude this interview, it is evident that Paras Thakkar’s vision and Sourceinfi’s commitment to technological excellence are propelling the global supply chain into a new era, where businesses can navigate complexities seamlessly, embrace change, and thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The interview with Paras Thakkar leaves us inspired and optimistic about the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for the technology-driven global supply chain.

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