Partnerships and collaborations to improve smart agriculture practices and develop new technologies

smart agriculture practices

Improve smart agriculture practices

The agriculture industry is undergoing digital transformation as farmers have realized the importance of smart technologies.

The food demand is growing across the world, and labor shortage is another concern that the agriculture industry has been facing.

This led to increased need for smart solutions to improve overall yield, efficiency, and productivity.

Robotics, drones, and sensors are capable of giving real-time insights and helping farmers in making decisions rapidly.

The implementation of smart technologies not only increases the efficiency of farming practices but also raises overall profitability.

Technology firms, governments, universities, and other organizations have realized the importance of development and implementation of innovative technologies to improve farming practices, research, and tackle issues such as greenhouse gas emissions.

So, they have adopted various strategies such as collaborations, partnerships, and others to solve issues and develop new technologies together.

The efforts toward climate-smart agriculture practices have increased considerably. With government organizations and universities joining hands to carry out research activities and develop innovative technologies.

In addition, there have been investments from government authorities to improve overall efficiency and production.

Homa Bay County invested 10 million shillings for revamping agricultural practices and support climate-smart agriculture.

Market players also joined hands with other tech companies to unlock potential of smart agriculture and deploy solutions to improve farming efficiencies.

The research and development activities would gain traction in the coming years and new technologies will be deployed.

Moreover, smart solutions will be implemented more rapidly than ever as partnership and collaboration activities accelerate in various corners of the globe.

This will result in growth of the market for smart agriculture.According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global smart agriculture market is expected to reach $29.23 billion by 2027.

Following are some of the trends and activities taking place across the world.

Promoting smart agricultural practices is essential as the world is getting modernized day by day with advancements in technologies.

Partnership is one of the major strategies adopted by governments, market players, and universities to promote smart practices in agriculture.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agriculture University (RPCAU) partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) for researching and promoting climate-smart agricultural practices.

The research is aimed at promoting sustainable farming technologies and boost income of farmers along with ensuring climate security.

Richie Ahuja, the Associate Vice President for Climate-Smart Agriculture at EDF, highlighted that the partnership would enhance research capabilities for development of sustainable farming practices in Bihar.

Rural areas in the state of Bihar, India have an abundant potential to achieve climate resilience and raise income for farmers.

RPCAU and EDF will together carry out discussions and assess the state policies regarding climate change, disaster risk reductions, and climate-smart agriculture.

Moreover, both organizations would work toward development of localized climate-smart technologies for improvement crop yield and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The partnership and collaboration strategies are gaining traction across the world as companies and governments realized the importance of implementation of smart technologies.

Ericsson completed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) and Pure Harvest Smart Farms for deployment of 5G solutions in farms.

These smart agricultural solutions will be deployed in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. The 5G solutions will support the operations of existing devices such as sensors, robots, drones, and others that are deployed by Pure Harvest. These solutions would help in increasing efficiency of farming processes.

The prime objective of MoU is to deploy 5G solutions to support the UAE Sustainability Agenda for healthy ecosystem, access to food, sustainable economic growth, and surged efficiency.

The 5G solutions would speed up the implementation of autonomous vehicles such as drones for weed and pest control practices in farms.

Super fast internet, ultra-low latency, and high throughput of 5G would unlock the potential of smart agriculture in UAE.

The trend of collaboration continues with more companies working toward researching and commercialization of new technologies.

Kubota Corporation collaborated with Topcon Corporation and Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. for bringing smart agriculture technologies together.

These companies entered a collaborative research agreement for researching and combining solutions developed by each company.

The collaboration strategies help all the involved parties to achieve their objectives through combination of expertise and resources. This is why market players have been adopting this strategy.

Kubota has been instrumental in offering products and services for workers in the agricultural fields and Topcon has been striving toward automating farming operations through its crop analysis solutions, autosteering, and DX solutions.

They aim to collaborate their technical expertise and carry out research and development activities in the field of smart agriculture.

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From collecting agronomic data from various sensors to implement advanced technologies such as big data, these companies aim to improve efficiency and productivity of farming processes. There will be implementation new technologies in the next few years.