Entrepreneur Journey of Parul Shekhawat, Founder of Ethnic Heirloom Label RUAR

Parul Shekhawat

Rajasthani Ethnic Heirloom Trails! Parul Shekhawat, Founder of Ethnic Heirloom Label RUAR

A candid coffee conversation with Parul Shekhawat brings smiles to oneself as she is an encyclopedia of Rajasthan’s rich heritage and traditional heirlooms.

She tells it is this childhood passion that sowed seeds of Entrepreneurship culminating into founding and launching her Ethnic label RUAR.

When asked about how she familiarized herself with Rajasthan’s ethnic jewels and clothing fashion?

Parul chuckles she has never stepped into any school or academia for fashion learning; sticking to what she knew best about and continually learning lead to setting up of the RUAR label, which is getting rave recognition for embroidery and artful products.

Commenting on Ruar, Parul voices “Ruar is a brand that is strong about the slow and the everlasting Indian fashion it showcases.

Every garment/jewel is a piece made with an inspiring story which hails from the land of Rajasthan.

The mission of the brand is to ensure that each client envisions a piece from Ruar to be an heirloom.

The piece depicts a story of an emotion amalgamating with the every green Indian traditional wear.

Our mission is to take our Indian art forms of embroidery and art to the most exclusive platforms of the world.

We would like to see each piece created by our artisans to reach the entire world and make them feel ecstatic about their exceptional talents.”

Ruar’s flagship store is right in the vicinity of Jaipur palace thus her products are well appreciated by foreigners as well who are in the lookout for something that is original rather than faux or a mere imitation. 

Originality in work is something that the label never cuts corners on, moreover having their own production unit has allowed Parul and her team to spin out new timely collections in a phase wise manner.

Commenting where she would like to see Ruar’s footprint in the next five years “Knowing that her products are A grade, Parul wants to penetrate more in the international market especially for the wedding industry”  

Concluding, on the final question asked what advice would you give young designers and entrepreneurs, she comments “The pandemic came as a shocker for not only us but to the biggest daddy’s in the house.

We saw premium fashion houses fall apart.  So the only learning and advice from the pandemic was to always prepare and brace yourself for the worst situations.

Never lay off from the responsibilities we have towards our artisans and workers. They form the backbone of the industry and they should be highly taken care off.”

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Signing out, one can surely say that Parul Shekhawat is living her dream, and passionately calls it ‘Made in India’, kudos to Team RUAR for taking Rajasthan’s heritage & tradition global.