Parveen Babi Life Story: The lost star, Glamorous Fashion Icon

Parveen Babi
Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi was the diva of 1970s and 1980s. Film star live a roller-coaster life, so was of Babi. She was a hit actress and supermodel.

Basically, she was the star icon. Moreover, when the actress were given a submissive and coy role, she chooses to be different.

She did a hot glamorous role, and break the chain. Reportedly, her life has its ups and downs. She is probably known for her unconventional choices.

Parveen Babi background history 

Babi was born on April 4, 1954, to a Muslim family. Apparently, she was the only child of her parents. But her father passed away when she was just 5 years old.

Later in life, her mother also passed away a few years prior to Babi’s death. Reportedly, her birthplace was in Gujarat, Junagadh.

Her schooling was done from Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad. After that, she went to Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad. However, she secure a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English literature. 

Parveen Babi’s Film career 

We all know she had a successful career in Bollywood. Apparently, she started modelling first.  Reportedly, she made her debut with the film Charitra.

Sadly, this movie got flopped. However, this brought Parveen in the eyes of Bollywood. She got a hit with the movie Deewar. It was Deewar that made Babi badge many films.

This beauty was seen in many other films like, Suhag, Amar Akbar Anthony, the burning train, namak halal and many more. Moreover, her pairing opposite Amitabh Bachchan was lit. 

 Apparently, she did many glamorous, Westernized role. She was a successful, affluent and a sensuous actress. Apparently, she was also seen on many magazines cover.

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You would be surprised to know, she appeared on the front page of Times magazines. Babi was the first Indian star to get the front page in Times. 

Moreover, she was seen often in the cover of Bombay Dyeing, Filmfare, stardust. Babi also got many commercials during her time. 

Babi’s personal life.

Parveen Babi never got married. But she had few relationships. Reportedly, she dated Danny Denzongpa for four years. Apparently, she also dated Kabir Bedi and Mahesh Bhatt.

Sadly, her all relationship failed. Surprisingly, she left the industry when it was at the peak of her career. She didn’t give any information to anyone and went.

Reportedly, the news got out she went on a spiritual journey across the world on, 30 July 1983. Her all of a sudden disappearance made many speculations.

However, she came to back to Mumbai in November 1989. After coming back, she made many big accusations.

Reportedly, she told the press the many Bollywood biggies are after her life. She put big allegations on many foreign dignitaries also.

She blamed Indian government, British government, French government for false actions. Furthermore, she also told everyone that Amitabh Bachchan is conspiring to kill her.

Her mental health and death 

Eventually, she was diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia. But she denies it.  As a result, many of her family and friends left her. Moreover, she was to claim that she had evidence against Sanjay Dutt 1993 serial bomb blast.

But she can’t prove her allegations. She didn’t have any evidence. This made people believe more that she was mental I’ll.

Reportedly, she died due to organ failure and diabetes. Her dead was found on 22 January 2005 in her apartment. For the consecutive three days she didn’t collect milk and groceries.

When police found the body, they speculated she had died 3 days ago. Reportedly, her postmortem was done. After that, her family members claim the body.

She was cremated with Muslim customs. Reportedly, she converted to Christianity when she was alive. She wished to cremate with Christian customs. But this didn’t happen.

Babi lived for 55 years. She was a fierce lady. Basically, her life choices were different. She broke the barrier in the Bollywood with her glamorous image.

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She made films industry realize that Indian actress can be hot and glamorous. Moreover, she did what she wanted to do. Her movies and beauty are still talked about in the world.