PERFUME LOUNGE: Paving the Path to a Fragrant Future


PERFUME LOUNGE: Paving the Path to a Fragrant Future

New Delhi, 31st January 2023: As more D2C brands enter the Indian fragrance market, Perfume Lounge offers a selection of scents based on current global fragrance trends.

An extensive segment of the Indian market will be able to purchase high-quality fragrances thanks to the value-based brand Perfume Lounge. In association with top worldwide fragrance houses, the brand is creating numerous product lines.

Young customers are adopting fresh solutions that fit their lifestyles, which is driving significant growth in the personal care and grooming sector.

Fragrance has always been a crucial component of self-identification, which inspired us to develop original goods for a range of customers.

According to Shivam Sood, CEO of Perfume Lounge, “We will continue to diversify our variety of perfumes across all categories to fulfil the growing demand from different populations.

“India has a rich culture of scents, with both domestic and foreign firms working to satisfy a variety of customer wants.

Perfume Lounge creates each product line specifically for customers based on their individual interests, offering high-quality, affordable foreign scents.

We are certain that our path to become industry leaders in perfumes and associated products in the next five years will be successful given the segment’s current favourable conditions for D2C businesses.” added Shivam Sood.

Marking their price point between Rs.800 – Rs.1500, Perfume Lounge is developing brands specifically targeted at different personalities and preferences that connect with each target group. Capturing the essence of each brand through their product-design and packaging, the brand looks to provide top quality products at excellent value to their consumers.

With a range of Five brands under their flagship, Perfume Lounge has categorized the brands best suited to individual personality and preference types.

  • Taboo- For the Woman who adds a touch of mystery.
  • NOWW- For man with an active lifestyle that are always on the go.
  • Gin & Tonic- For the free-spirited and playful Woman.
  • Syndicate- For the Corporate man.
  • Designer Club- For the metrosexual Indian male who is fashion conscious and takes care of himself.

The products are currently available on online marketplaces and their own website, with future plans to have offline channels to push market growth.

About Perfume Lounge:

Perfume Lounge is value-based fragrance brand that is the brainchild of three individuals with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Armed with an impressive execution capability with in-house production, design and sourcing through Helios Packaging Pvt. Limited.

The brand develops fragrances based on latest international trends – in collaboration with leading global fragrance houses for quick new launches in the Indian market.

The company raised a round of $250,000 (approx 2cr INR) as seed funding and will soon be raising further rounds of investments.

Perfume Lounge is focused on developing multiple product lines in the fragrance space catering to different micro segments and demographics.

The D2C brand sells its products through their website and is expanding its presence on popular e-commerce platforms.

Shivam Sood: CEO for Perfume Lounge has been involved with startups since 2011, he is highly skilled in Digital Marketing, User experience design & Web based technologies.

Pravesh Bareja: Owner of Helios Packaging Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading private label manufacturer for perfumes and deodorants, and an active angel investor. He has also invested in brands like The Man Company, which is a leading player in men’s grooming.

Deepak Agrawal: Involved with the fragrance sector in India since 1997, developed a small family run business into the largest perfume pump manufacturer in India. He has been an active investor and entrepreneur in various consumer facing businesses.

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