Petpooja’s Waiter Calling Device: Smart Technology For Your Restaurant’s Smart Customers

Petpooja Waiter Calling Device

Petpooja’s Waiter Calling Device: Smart Technology For Your Restaurant’s Smart Customers

Petpooja is India’s no.1 restaurant management software provider powering over 45,000+ restaurants, cafes, QSRs, bars, etc., in India, the Middle East, Canada, and South Africa.

With this drive to automate mundane operations using simple and cost-effective technology, they have created the Waiter Calling Device.  

Built with keeping the customers and their dining needs in mind, this small and stylish device has three buttons; Waiter, Water and Bill.

These three commands are the most common and the most important ones that need to be addressed by the staff.

The device Illuminates with a different LED light for each function and has a 20m range of sight. The best part of this is that the waiter calling device works smoothly with Petpooja’s billing software and the captain app. Price at ₹750 only, this device is a must-have investment for any restaurant, bar, cafe, or bakery shop! 

This device has a two-fold benefit. While the device has cut customers’ waiting time for service, it has also helped the outlet’s restaurants’ waiters, servers & captains.

Any waiter or server at a small to medium size settlement walks at least 5-7 km within the restaurant daily, going back and forth to the kitchen and the customers’ tables multiple times.

These unnecessary tasks get eliminated with the device, which lets the staff know when their assistance is needed.

The waiter calling device has effectively solved customer management problems and improved overall customer service for more than 700 outlets across India.

Currently, Petpooja has sold more than 8,000 of these devices. Brands like Yum Yum Cha (Delhi), Skydeck by Sherlock (Banglore), Pista House (Hyderabad), Al-bek (Mumbai), Hocco Eatery (Ahmedabad), and many more small outlets & large chains have been using the Waiter Calling Device.

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