Philips Air Purifier (AC1215/20) to protect your home against the airborne pollutants

Philips Air Purifier
Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

Philips Air purifier (AC1215/20) for your home or medium-sized bedrooms.

Pollution is everywhere nowadays. It’s breezing with the air both outdoors and indoors. According to research, indoor air has been five times polluted as outdoor air because indoor air is unable to circulate; that’s why we must keep our air clean where we are breathing.

Air contains many particles and substances that can be dangerous to our health. To keep ourselves healthy, we must take the benefits of air purifiers featuring advanced filtration technology that can fetch the harmful particles and purify them and ensure healthy air breezing for you.

Here we will introduce the Philips Air Purifier (AC1215) that unanimously gains more than a hundred positive reviews from its users.

Philips is the most extensive and specialized brand in electronics that successfully serves in 100 countries to the globe.

This Philips AC1215 Air Purifier is suitable for medium to large homes. Its advanced technology features and silent functioning with automatic dimming lights will never disturb you for sure.

Benefits of Philips Air Purifier (AC1215/20)

● It has an enduring filter that tackles allergens, ultrafine pollutants, and some kind of bacteria.
● It provides you with highly purified air with its CADR of 270m3/hr.
● Automatically monitor and purify the air especially designed for the bedroom.
● It is capable of removing 0.02 micron-sized particles with its extra-thick HEPA filters.
● This model has its control panel on the top.
● It informs you about the quality of air drooling within your room.
● It notifies you about filter change and shut down automatically when filters not
changed in the required time.
● This air purifier neutralizes unpleasant odors.
● It helps in the reduction of chances of Airborne diseases.

Philips Air Purifier (AC1215/20) Specifications

● It comes in a single white color.
● Its dimension is 32.554.121.1 cm.
● It will be operable with electricity.
● This item weighed 5.24 kg.
● It covers a 333 square feet area.
● This air purifier works silently on a 33 dB noise level.
● It is capable of capturing 99.97% of particles that cross its filters.
● This model comes in 3 auto modes, i.e., General, Allergen, and NightSense.
● It is composed of 4 manual settings, which include turbo and speed.
● It is known to consume less energy.
● Having a child lock feature that prevents any unintentional changes.


The Philips AC1215 Air Purifier is slightly bulky rather than other cleaners and doesn’t have many color options as it comes in an ordinary white color.

This air purifier needs high maintenance, whereas its filters need to be changed frequently. This model is not Wi-Fi enabled; thus, one can’t turn it on from a distance.

Philips Air Purifier Review (AC1215/20)

Customers reviewed it positively as they say it’s beneficial in removing dust particles and carbon particles.

Still, you must clean its filters regularly with water and brush up and get cleaner air to breathe. People consider it as it gives them relaxation when they enter the room, turn it on and wait to live in purified air.

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Customers ensure that this air purifier removes the droplets, including respiratory virus, from the air, flows through its filters, and sanitizes the air.

Users are in love with its night mode as it automatically reduces the noise level and brightness even if it adjusts its speed according to the air quality.

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