Philips Pop up Toaster (2 Slice): A must-have appliance in every kitchen

Philips Pop up Toaster

Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

The compact toaster allows you to get perfectly toasted bread every time. The product is designed by Philips.

This Philips Pop up Toaster comes with 8 settings and 2 large variable slots. You get even toasting for different bread types.

The integrated bun rack also allows you to warm your favorite buns, pastries, and rolls easily. The product can reheat and defrost at one go. 

It is easy to use items that occupy less space and your kitchen. It is highly effective in getting perfectly toasted bread.

The 8 setting system allows you to get bread brown according to your preference. The crumble tray is removable that helps you to clean with ease. It also has a stop button that allows you to stop toasting the bread at your convenience. 

The Philips Pop up Toaster has a high lift facility to remove the small pieces easily without burning your hands. It also has extra auto-shut-off protection against short circuits.

The product toasts the bread in no time and always gives the desired texture to your bread. It is lightweight and a compact machine that is really worth it.

Philips Pop up Toaster Benefits

  • Perfectly toasted bread as per your needs
  • A cancel button to stop toasting at any time
  • Extra protection from short circuits
  • High-lift function to remove bread easily.
  • A removable crumb tray makes the product easy to clean.
  • Temperature control
  • Easy to use

Specifications of Philips Pop up Toaster

  • 8 browning settings
  • 2 large variable slots for toasting different types 
  • Integrated bun rack for heating rolls, pastries, or buns
  • Reheat and defrost function
  • The product comes with a two-year warranty


The product comes with zero drawbacks and is really effective in giving perfect toasted bread.

Philips Pop up Toaster Reviews

The product is reviewed as worth money by the customers. They are really satisfied with the working of the product. It gives effective results every time we toast the bread.

The item is well-designed keeping in mind the needs of the customers. The high lift button, crumble tray, 8 heating settings are making the product convenient and easy to use.  

The browning of bread slices is even & very quick. Can be used to toast regular size bread slices as well as slightly big sandwich size slices. There’s an option to warm buns & croissants. 

Cleaning is easy with the crumble tray. While some customers reviewed the product as not effective as it went bad after a few months of usage.

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The product gets overheated even when the temperature is set to low. Customers are encountering a problem with Philips service otherwise the product is good.

Customers say the product is handy and portable which makes it more convenient to use. The product is value for money and is built with good quality. It is a good choice for people who always wish to have perfectly toasted bread.

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