Pilgrim, a 100% Vegan Global Beauty Brand launched its vine-extracts-infused range in India

Pilgrim Beauty Brand

~ ‘Secrets of Vinothérapie, Bordeaux, France,’ a range that consists of effective anti-ageing ingredients set to be a cult-favourite ~

Pilgrim, a 100% Vegan global beauty brand is set to create room for vine extracts in your skincare regime with the launch of its unique vine-extracts-infused range called ‘Secrets of Vinothérapie, Bordeaux, France’.

The range is based on the French Concept of Vinotherapy in which effective anti-ageing ingredients like Vine Extracts, Retinol, Vitamin C & Mulberry are used.

A product range designed by countless women’s dreams by Pilgrim includes products like Red Vine Face Wash with Vitamin C & Aloe, Red Vine Body Lotion with Shea-Cocoa Butter & Aloe, Red Vine Undereye Cream with Retinol & Vitamin C.

Red Vine Lip Balm with Mulberry, Red Vine Night Gel Crème with Retinol, Mulberry & Vit. C and more.

It’s time you combine wine o’clock with beauty with the Secrets of Vinothérapie, Bordeaux, France.

The range offers immense anti-ageing and beauty benefits packed with antioxidants. With the power of vine extracts, the products from the range counter ageing and revitalise skin with a youthful glow.

Pilgrim is cruelty-free and is strictly against animal testing. All their products are free from any harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. In 2020, Pilgrim captured hearts with its range based on Korean Formulations called ‘Secrets of Jeju Island’.

With its newly launched range, the cruelty-free and FDA approved beauty brand is set to charm every skincare and haircare buff yet again.

You can now get your hands on these premium products on their official website (www.discoverpilgrim.com) as well as on other e-commerce websites including, Amazon, Nykaa, and Flipkart. 

Hurry! Treat yourself to beauty as timeless as wine itself – better with age! https://www.discoverpilgrim.com/

About Pilgrim:

Pilgrim is “Clean Compatible.” With that being said, the brand is not just free of harmful and toxic chemicals but also uses only those ingredients that either enhance the health of your hair & skin or support the effectiveness of the formulations.

The ubiquitous Toxic 20 chemicals are often the root cause of the imbalance of our skin-hair health. When eliminated from our products altogether (“clean break”), our body has the ability to reset and return to its natural & healthy state.

What goes into the products is important, and what does not go into our products is even more important.

Pilgrim brings to you the formulations which are biocompatible, respects pH levels, and does not cause any harm. The active ingredients are maintained at the right level for maximum benefit.

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