PitchWorx offers video animation services for businesses


05/04/2021 India: It helps brands communicate in a persuasive manner with a well-crafted thoughtful message.

Complex products and services need simple messaging to be communicated to their audience. The most effective way of communication is through an animated explainer video. They explain the product in an engaging manner and keeps your target audience hooked.

With more than 1500 minutes of video animation services, PitchWorx is a creative design agency that helps brands with visually compelling animated videos. PitchWorx helps brands communicate in a persuasive manner with well-crafted thoughtful messaging.

Be it for a product, a new service you are foraying into or any message that you want to convey to your target audience, the team at PitchWorx is adept at creating animated videos in multiple languages to support client’s vernacular requirements.

For almost a decade, PitchWorx has been creating presentations, animated videos, branding, graphic design, and web design solutions for clients mainly – start-ups, SME’s, large corporations, and government organizations. 

Talking about animated videos, there are various types of videos which PitchWorx creates for brands like motion graphics animation, character animation, kinetic animation, whiteboard animation, live-action videos and screencast videos.

Here are the video animation services that PitchWorx offers for various businesses-

•  Motion Graphics Animation– As an animated explainer video production company, PitchWorx helps brands in creating a vivid story with simple motion graphics video

•  Character Animation– These are not only fun to watch but they explain the business, product, or service in a better way. PitchWorx creates animated explainer videos that connect with the audience

•  Live-Action Videos– Be it a corporate shoot, an HR video, an event that needs to be captured, or a simple client testimonial to be shot, nothing connects better than a short live-action video. PitchWorx brings the camera, lapel mic, the clapper, and let it roll into action even from pre-production to post-production editing.

•  Kinetic Typography– Fonts always bring out the impact on the ideas that one needs to express. With animated typography and graphics, PitchWorx creates the right buzz with the intent to convey or evoke an idea or emotion through kinetic typography.

•  Whiteboard Animation Videos– It brings elements and text to life with movement on a digital canvas. Through video animation services, PitchWorx creates bold and clear visuals that deliver the message in a direct way by adding fun elements to increase engagement.

•  Screencast Videos– It is the best way to introduce a simple mobile application or a complex software program. With a simple and intuitive tool, PitchWorx creates screencast videos to get the job done easily. 

Speaking about the videos, Mr Dharmendra Ahuja, Founder & CEO, PitchWorx said, “The share of animation driven quality content has been consistently growing. We strongly believe that with the growth that we are witnessing, we strive to deliver strong audience-oriented messaging through compelling animated videos for brands.”                                                                                       

PitchWorx is one of the fastest-growing creative agencies in India, focused on creating visually stunning presentations and animated videos. Founded in 2012, the agency was bootstrapped and has grown multifold since its inception.

PitchWorx has worked with over 500 start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, government organizations, and many others. Driven by creativity and passion, the in-house team of creative professionals brings together over 1 million person-hours of design experience.

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