Interview: Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh, Founder and Director at Myfledge Group of Institutes

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh

Interview with Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh, Founder and Director at Myfledge Group of Institutes

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh is a prominent Indian educationist and the Founder and Director of Myfledge Group of Institutes, that provides training and placement in the Aviation industry.

Piyalee’s passion for education and her vision of creating an educational institution that provides holistic education and prepares students for the challenges of the future inspired her to start Myfledge Group of Institutes.

Her focus on quality education, innovation, and social responsibility has helped the institute become a trusted name in the education industry.

The institute offers various courses, including airport ground handling, cabin crew training, air ticketing, and travel management. These courses are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the Aviation industry.

The institute has a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers who use innovative teaching methods to ensure that students receive the best possible training.

Piyalee’s dedication to excellence and her focus on quality education have helped Myfledge Group of Institutes become a preferred destination for students who want to pursue a career in the Aviation industry.

Tell us about the idea of starting Myfledge Group of Institutes- Aviation & Hospitality, and what inspired you to start this venture?

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh: After working as cabin crew, I realized that I wanted more from my career. That is when I discovered training as a possible path for advancement.

Unfortunately, the airline I was working with wanted me to relocate, which I couldn’t do, so I had to drop the offer.

However, this setback led to an opportunity when the National Skill Development Corporation Aerospace approached me to start a training institution that they could partner with to implement successful training and placement programs. I decided to open the first institution in Bangalore.

What are your views on the importance of vocational training in the Aviation and Hospitality industry?

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh: I have identified a gap in the industry, which led me to start Myfledge Group of Institutes. During my time as a senior flight attendant, I observed that many attendants lacked basic knowledge of geography, airports, and more.

It was evident that there was a need for a structured way of training and development to impart knowledge in these areas.

This is what inspired me to establish the institution. I firmly believe that vocational training is crucial in the aviation and hospitality industry.

With the increasing competition in these sectors, it is no longer sufficient to have only theoretical knowledge.

Practical training is also essential, which is where vocational training comes in. Moreover, vocational training plays a vital role in ensuring that the industry has skilled manpower.

This is especially important because the aviation and hospitality industry relies heavily on customer service.

If the workforce is unskilled, it can lead to customer dissatisfaction, which, in turn, can harm the industry’s reputation.

How do you think Myfledge Group of Institutes- Aviation & Hospitality stands out from other vocational training institutes in India?

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh: Myfledge Group of Institutes stands out from other vocational training institutes in India due to our comprehensive training, diverse range of courses, international accreditation, strong industry network, practical learning environments, and wide accessibility across the country.

Our focus is not just on helping students pass interviews but on building a long-term career in the aviation and hospitality industries.

We offer a wide range of courses across 11 centers in India. This diversity of courses allows students to choose the one that best suits their interests and career aspirations.

We have also established partnerships with several recognized bodies and international institutions, which enables our students to receive training that is recognized worldwide.

All our courses are accredited by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC).

Our strong network in the aviation industry has helped us to boost placement opportunities for our students.

The institutes’ students are exposed to practical environments and trained by a global standard faculty. We offer both online and offline learning to ensure that our students receive a holistic learning experience.

Additionally, we have also have centers pan India across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, making our institute accessible to students from various parts of the country.

What are the key skills required to succeed in the Aviation and Hospitality industry, and how do you think Myfledge Group of Institutes- Aviation & Hospitality can help develop these skills in its students?

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh: There are several key skills required for success in these fields like good communication skills, leadership, technology know-how and skills, geography knowledge, customer service, crisis mitigation, people skills, and entrepreneurship skills.

At Myfledge Group of Institutes, we recognize the importance of these skills, and our curriculum is designed to develop them in our students.

Our focus is not just on rote learning but on providing practical, real-world situations that will prepare our students for the job from day one.

One way we develop communication skills is by providing our students with opportunities to interact with industry professionals.

Our training focuses on building students’ confidence and decision-making skills. We provide our students with training on how to work effectively in a team and handle difficult situations.

The aim is to provide a curriculum that focuses on industry demands and prepare our students to succeed in these industries from the very start of their careers.

How do you think technology is changing the Aviation and Hospitality industry, and how do you stay updated with the latest developments in the field?

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh: Technology like digital, AR/VR, AI has revolutionized the Aviation and Hospitality industry in numerous ways, such as providing better customer service, improved safety measures, and enhancing the overall efficiency of operations.

Our faculty undergoes regular upskilling to stay updated with the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

We also collaborate with industry leaders and experts to provide our students with real-world industry exposure and experience.

By staying updated and implementing the latest trends and technologies into our curriculum, we can prepare our students to become industry-ready professionals

What are your Future Plans for the next 12 months?

Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh: We are aiming at establish study centers in neighbouring potential countries and the Middle East. We are also focussing on offering re-skilling courses for experienced trainers, coaches,  trainers, and career counsellors.

The training of trainers will be a key component of our plans to ensure the highest quality education and training possible.

Our vision includes not only catering to freshers but also being a one-stop solution for up-skilling and re-skilling.

In the current academic year. Myfledge Group Of the Institute will also be open to foreign learners, with applications already received from African countries, the Maldives, Yemen, Oman, and more.

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