Planning to Buy a Health Insurance Policy? Here are the 10 Health Insurance Tips for you

Health Insurance Plan

Do you want to get Health Insurance Policy? Know these Health Insurance Tips first.

Choosing the right medical cover never comes easy. However, keeping a few health insurance tips handy make sure you get an extensive health cover at a cheap or low premium.

If you are planning to buy health insurance policy these days, then you should know some important things about mediclaim policy to make sure you max out every benefit available to you. Through them, you can choose a better medical insurance for a lower premium.

In this insurance article, we talk about the 10 health insurance steps to follow while researching mediclaim plans, so that you can make an informed decision while purchasing medical insurance or mediclaim policy.

Health Insurance Tips:

Your mediclaim policy can help you keep your healthcare costs manageable. But many families may not be maximizing the benefits—and could be paying more premium than they need to for healthcare as a result.

During the era of Corona pandemic, the number of general insurance companies in the country is increasing rapidly.

There are many reasons for this, first the very expensive treatment in private hospitals and second is poor condition of government hospitals. In such a situation, they want to give a safe future to themselves and their family by taking medical insurance.

Now in rural areas too many people are getting attracted towards medical insurance. If you are also considering health insurance policy then you should know some important things about mediclaim policy or medical insurance policy.

How many people will be covered:

Before getting health insurance policy, find out well which diseases will be covered in your mediclaim policy .

Many general insurance companies have different rules about this. Apart from this, how many people of your family will be covered in your mediclaim policy.

Select premium according to your budget

In the market, many general insurance companies are offering mediclaim policy at different premiums. From these, you can choose the premium according to your budget.

For this, you can also compare the mediclaim policies of different general insurance companies websites by going on the Internet. Select the one that fits your budget.

Check Claim Rejection Ratio

Before taking health insurance policy of any company, check its claim rejections ratio (CRR) first. Through this, you can find out how many previous claims have been rejected by the company.

If the claim rejection ratio of a company is high, then its health insurance policy should be avoided. Apart from this, you can also know about the financial condition of the company.

Read insurance documents well

While taking health insurance policy, you should read its documents thoroughly, so that you become aware of all the rules.

For this, you can also take the advice from your advisor or expert. You should buy the policy only after thorough investigation.

Compare premium online

You can compare health insurance policies online to ensure that you buy a mediclaim policy that caters to your requirements.

You can even ‘request a quote’ online by entering your personal details and get an estimated premium for your mediclaim policy. Collect the best insurance quotes and then compare them to arrive at a decision.

Understand your Mediclaim policy and plan.

Keep those documents you get when you buy your mediclaim policy handy. This policy document can provide great info on what the rules of your insurance plan are and what you’ll pay for different types of services —like you need referrals to see a specialist or if whether you need to choose an in-network primary care physician.

Following the rules will help you ensure that you get quality healthcare at a significant savings.

Choose the right mediclaim policy for your family.

Before you simply stick with the same medical insurance plan each year, make sure that you look at what kinds of medical requirements your family currently has.

If someone in your family was just diagnosed with a chronic illness, make sure you choose the mediclaim policy that covers those best.

Max out any programs,discounts, and benefits.

Sometimes, general Insurance companies offer premium discount, wellness programs, including programs dedicated to help with specific medical conditions, discounts on fitness classes, apps to help you track health records, medications history, and other perks.

Make sure you check website of your insurance company regularly for new programs and benefits.

Claim Process

The faster the settlement of the claims, and simpler the claims process better it is for the insured.

Therefore, these two are major factors when it comes to the selection of a mediclaim policy or medical insurance policy. Good customer support is an additional benefit one should look for.

Network Hospitals

One should always check cashless hospitals network with the health insurance company. The network hospitals offer cashless option—insurer settles the medical bills directly with the insurer at the time of a hospitalization or medical emergency.

Choose which have a good number of network hospitals. Many health insurance companies like HDFC ERGO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company have over 5000 hospitals in its network.

If you do your research about a mediclaim policy or medical insurance policy around these five health insurance tips, you would be able to find a powerful health insurance policy that meets all your criteria without any sweat.

However, some policy benefits that did not make the top list are wellness services, exclusions, OPD expenses, worldwide cover, and health-check ups and in-house claim settlement.

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To understand exactly about the policy exclusions, coverage, premium, Critical illness cover, health check-up charges, Day Care Procedures, Ambulance charges, Daily allowance, etc. read the Policy Wordings carefully.

Find out the health insurance tips for buying mediclaim policy or medical insurance policy which will help you to make the correct decision.

These health insurance tips will help you choose the best-suited mediclaim policy or medical insurance policy for you.

Which Health Insurance Policy is best for my family?

Mediclaim Policy is helps the policyholder cover their surgical cost and medical expenses. In fact, insurer also offer cashless treatment in network hospital to reduce hassle of policyholders. Here a list of top different types of health plans.

  • Bajaj Allianz a Family Flotter Health-guard
  • Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Plan
  • Universal Sompo Complate Healthcare
  • TATA AIA Medicare Plan
  • SBI Arogya Premium Policy
  • United India Family Medicare Policy
  • Reliance Health Gain
  • Royal Sundaram Lifeline
  • Star Family Health Optima
  • New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy
  • Raheja Health QUBE Plan
  • National Praivar health insurance Policy
  • Oriental Happy Family Floater policy
  • New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy
  • Max Bupa Companion Family Heath Insurance Plan
  • Liberty Secure Health Connect Plan
  • Kotak Family Health Insurance Policy
  • Manipal Cigna Family Floter – ProHealth Protect Plan
  • Future Generaly Health Suraksha Family Plan
  • Iffco Tokio Family Health Protection Plan
  • HDFC Optima Restore Family Health Plan
  • HDFC ERGO My Health Suraksha Plan
  • Chola MS Family Healthline
  • Edelweiss Family Floater

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You must compare your health insurance policy according to your family requirements.