PM Modi and US President Joe Biden will meet with leaders of the Pacific islands in Papua NewGuinea Next month

PM Modi-US President Joe Biden

PM Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden to meet Pacific island

May 1, 2023: In a significant development for India’s foreign relations, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden are set to meet with Pacific island leaders in a historic summit aimed at boosting ties with the region.

The meeting, which is scheduled for later this year, will mark the first time that a sitting US President and Indian Prime Minister have convened with leaders from the Pacific islands.

The gathering will take place virtually and will focus on deepening cooperation and partnerships between the two nations and the Pacific island nations.

The summit is expected to cover a range of issues, including climate change, regional security, and economic development.

With the Pacific island nations facing increasing environmental and economic challenges, both the US and India are keen to strengthen their relationships with the region and offer support in these areas.

The summit is also seen as a strategic move by India to strengthen its position as a major player in the Indo-Pacific region, which has become a key focus of US foreign policy under the Biden administration.

With China’s growing influence in the region, India and the US are looking to counterbalance Beijing’s influence and maintain stability in the region.

The meeting between the leaders of India, the US, and the Pacific island nations is expected to be a landmark event in the region’s diplomatic history, with the potential to drive significant changes in the strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific.

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