PM Narendra Modi to meet Ukraine President Zelensky in Hiroshima: G7 summit in Japan

PM Narendra Modi-Ukraine President Zelensky

PM Modi to meet Zelensky in Hiroshima, will be the first personal meeting with President of Ukraine after war with Russia

May 19, 2023: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to hold a crucial meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Hiroshima.

This high-level meeting aims to strengthen bilateral ties between the two nations and explore avenues for enhanced cooperation.

The meeting, which comes on the heels of President Zelensky’s visit to India last year, underscores the growing importance of India-Ukraine relations.

Hiroshima, known for its historical significance and symbolic message of peace, serves as a fitting backdrop for this diplomatic encounter.

During the discussions, Prime Minister Modi and President Zelensky are expected to address a range of issues, including trade, defense, technology, and cultural exchanges.

The leaders will explore opportunities to expand economic collaboration, encourage investments, and boost trade volumes between the two nations.

The meeting holds significance in the context of Ukraine’s ongoing efforts to strengthen ties with Asian countries and diversify its strategic partnerships.

India, being a prominent player in the region, presents immense potential for collaboration in various sectors, particularly defense, space technology, agriculture, and renewable energy.

Prime Minister Modi and President Zelensky are also likely to discuss regional and global issues of mutual interest, including security challenges, climate change, and counterterrorism efforts.

Both leaders share a commitment to promoting peace, stability, and sustainable development, and their engagement is expected to further enhance cooperation on these fronts.

The meeting between PM Modi and President Zelensky is anticipated to yield concrete outcomes and pave the way for deeper engagement between India and Ukraine.

The discussions will contribute to fostering greater understanding and friendship, opening new avenues for cooperation that will benefit both nations.

As the world witnesses this important diplomatic rendezvous, expectations are high for a productive exchange of ideas and the signing of agreements that will propel India-Ukraine relations to new heights.

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