Podar Inclusive Education Cell conducts mental health awareness webinar to adopt a ‘Kaizen’ lifestyle amongst employees

World Mental Health Day

Celebrates World Mental Health Day on the theme “Mental health in an unequal world”

Mumbai, 22nd October 2021. Podar Inclusive Education Cell (IEC) has taken an initiative to spread mental health awareness amongst its employees.

The department conducted a mental health awareness webinar touching upon this year’s global mental health awareness theme which is, “Mental health in an unequal world” leading to the need of adopting a ‘Kaizen’ lifestyle.

Every year on October 10, World Mental Health Day is observed with the goal of raising and spreading awareness about mental health issues across the globe.

Speaking about the initiative, Mrs Anureet Sethi, the Head of the Inclusive Education Cell (IEC) Department, said, “As we know that we live in a world of inequality, our country despite being democratic has faced inequality at different levels.

To add to it the pandemic has widened gaps at every level and recent research suggests that mental health is a greater concern in more unequal societies.

Greater inequality brings issues of dominance and subordination increasing social disparity. Our status matters more and more. to use psychological language, the “social evaluation threat” rises. 

In more unequal societies, like ours, data indicate that status anxiety increases across all income deciles.

We’re all more concerned with whether or not people regard us as capable and successful — or as failures.

Threats to self-esteem and social status, where fear of being judged negatively becomes a strong source of stress.

Stress always raises mental health issues. So comes the need of adopting a Kaizen life in ever-changing times.

We at IEC believe every problem presents an opportunity for ‘Kaizen- which means constant change towards betterment.”

What is Kaizen Living? 

In this ever-changing and unequal world, we need to remain stable and yet become better versions of ourselves.

Kaizen is a Japanese term and this philosophy merges two Japanese terms Kai (change) and Zen (good). The term’s simplified translation is equivalent to the phrase ‘change for the better.

Kaizen follows a mindful mantra for personal growth. The idea is to aim for small and consistent growth each day.

Visioning to change 1% a day can turn things around for people stuck in a rut. Your daily efforts and progress would eventually lead to significant results. 

We can apply Kaizen in our daily life by following its 6 principles:

  1. Sort and eliminate: We can sort out what’s important to us and get rid of the things that take up our time and don’t help us be more productive. In the same way, it’s critical to clear our minds of unproductive thoughts and feelings.
  2. Aim for Healthier Choices: This strategy can be used to get rid of bad habits and mentally exhausting hobbies. Replace it with significant and beneficial lifestyle choices that will cleanse your mind, body, and soul.
  3. Organizing work and home: It is critical to organise both your work and your household. So, to boost your creativity and attention at work and home, start organising your life by getting rid of things that don’t spark joy.
  4. Revisiting your support System: Use this method to get rid of toxic friendships and relationships that are holding you back. You can make room for meaningful relationships and mind-stimulating hobbies once you start severing these bonds. Spending quality time with your loved ones will elevate your spirits and improve your attitude. These advantages would be reflected in your work and would also be beneficial to your health.
  5. Maintaining discipline for continuous improvement: Get rid of the most dreadful of all vices, procrastination. Procrastination is a type of “self-harm” that thrives on laziness and bad moods. Kaizen trains you to be disciplined by being in the present moment. To stay motivated, it encourages people to picture attainable goals and achieve minor milestones. Procrastination can be overcome with motivation.
  6. Accepting Imperfections: Aiming for perfection all of the time causes tension and stress, which harms our mental health. So accept your flaws and overcome your limitations. Acceptance permits you to go forward and overcome denial.

Applying Kaizen in your personal life is embracing the spirit of continuous improvement. We should live in each moment and prioritize long-term productivity over instant gratification.

These habits ensure that we should continue upward progress with effective tiny steps, instead of losing our vocation, in a blind chase for greatness.

The webinar aimed to promote the idea that ‘One day or day or day one, it’s your decision’. The smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

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