This woman entrepreneur Quits well-paying Job to Make Authentic Spices

Poojitha Prasad - Deccan Diaries

Poojitha Prasad, Founder of Deccan Diaries

Read the success story of Bengaluru-based woman entrepreneur, Poojitha Prasad, Founder of Deccan Diaries, manufacturer of blended spice mixes and masalas.

Every south Indian state has its own specialty and variation of the spice mix. In Kerala, this mixture is made from grated coconut and ground urad dal.

In Karnataka it is made from sesame seeds or roasted groundnuts, garlic and chillies. In Tamil Nadu, the spice mix is ​​made from jiggery, chana dal, and chillies. Whereas in Andhra Pradesh it is made using wheat and dry red chillies.

As Indians move to different parts of the country for reasons such as work and education, they may find it difficult to find the preferred combination of spice blends.

Keeping this in mind, a woman came up with a business idea, for which she even left her job. Poojitha Prasad, 36, a Bengaluru-based woman entrepreneur, launched Deccan Diaries in 2017 with aims to promote Authentic Spices blends and natural flavors across the country.

Poojitha Prasad believes she wanted her brand to represent the flavors of South India. Also spread the taste and traditional dishes.

Jobs left in 2014

In an interview, Poojitha Prasad says that after leaving the corporate world in 2014, I wanted to start my own business.

My parents have a catering business which prepares food for corporate companies and offices.

The food they cook is so delicious that often, relatives ask to share information about their recipes and the spices used. This gave me the idea of ​​starting a spice business.

Early research

Initially, Poojitha Prasad started doing her research on the mixture of different types of spices and the method of making them.

At that time she realized that Karnataka alone had many varieties of spice blends. Most of these people have long forgotten. Then she launched Deccan Diaries with some spice mix like sambar pudi, chutney powder, and Bisi bele bath mix.

Over time, as she traveled across the state to learn about long-lost recipes from women in different districts.

Raw material comes from farmers

All the raw materials like pulses, chillies, cinnamon, pulses, and black pepper are procured through Farmer Produce Associations in Karnataka.

Once the raw material is delivered, it is thoroughly cleaned, dried, roasted, ground and packed. She has hired three women in its production unit to help with the process.

15 Varieties of Spices

Since 2017 Deccan Diaries has produced more than 15 types of authentic spice blends.

These include Andhra-Style Gunpowder, Chutney Powder from Niger Seeds, Puliogare Mix, Moringa Powder, Curry Leaf Powder, etc. Her company has received over 1,000 orders from across the country.

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So, we hope Poojitha Prasad will continue to shine in life even more and motivate the Indian women entrepreneur. Sugermint wishes to emulate her on the path of success.

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