15 Most Popular Electric Guitar Models

Electric Guitar

Popular Electric Guitar Models

Finding the perfect electric guitar is a challenge and a fascinating adventure. The undertaking and the difficulty of compiling this guide stem from the fact that the word “best” has varied meanings for different individuals.

Some guitarists like a stripped-down, no-frills instrument, while others prefer an electric one decked out with expensive paint and gizmos.

All the top electric guitars on the market are included in this roundup. To help you select the most excellent electric guitar, this list contains options across various prices, styles, and skill levels.

Here you may discover selections from most major guitar makers, so you know they have a solid reputation and are of high quality among the musical instruments available.

1. Squier Bullet Mustang

Remember a few things to remember while shopping for a child’s electric guitar. The guitar’s weight has to be manageable so that those with smaller shoulders may play.

For those with small hands, the neck should be short enough that it’s not an issue while playing. And it has to be stylish.

Because, when you’re a teenager, how cool your guitar looks is probably more important to you than its ability to play a wide range of keys.

We could have gone with one of the few little copies of a standard guitar, but instead, we went with one that is full-sized, well-equipped, and reasonably priced.

The basswood body and slightly shorter scale length of the Squier Bullet Mustang makes it a breeze to learn to play.

Nonetheless, the two humbuckers guarantee that they can compete with any adult guitar. Also, of the Squier guitars we’ve tested, this one ranks among the most impressive displays of badassness.

2. Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Stratocaster

The demand for inexpensive guitars has never been more robust than it is right now, not even ten years ago. These days, factories and labels use stricter measures to ensure the products they sell are of the highest quality.

This means that even “budget” guitars have the tones, build quality, and playability of models that cost far more.

One such instrument is the Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Stratocaster. In the past, beginner guitars often only lasted a few years, had string movement like playing razor wire, and produced sounds like a swarm of bees had taken over a tin can. No longer the case.

This Classic Vibe is an absolute work of art in every way; it sounds well, plays smoothly, and looks significant enough to compete with much more expensive Fender versions.

Stylish and fun to play without breaking the bank. The march of time and its constant forward motion is a blessing.

3. Gretsch G5222 Electromatic Double Jet

Gretsch’s Double Jet is hard to beat when it comes to versatile rock and roll electric guitars. Whether you like blues, rock, indie, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, or country, we promise you’ll have a great time playing any of these genres on it.

This Electromatic version offers absurdly good value and is available in many deluxe coatings. Pick Natural if you’re going for the Malcolm Young look, Walnut Stain if you want to seem sophisticated, or one of the two metallic primer-style finishes if you want to look badass.

The Double Jet’s two Black Top Broad’Trons provide bite quickly, and a treble bleed circuit helps you coax every last drop of tone from them. The chambered wood and fast, slim U-profile neck create a relaxed playing experience, while the 24.6″ scale and 12″ fretboard radius give the instrument a modern feel.

4. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

When we’re discussing value, one guitar readily leaps to mind. Thousands of musicians have relied on the Epiphone Les Paul Standard over the years, and with good reason.

Said, this instrument checks many criteria. Importantly, it is incredibly well-made, sounds fantastic, and will not break the bank.

This guitar strikes the ideal balance of quality, affordability, and performance for many players. This is why so many people choose it as their first “real” axe, and so many are on the weekend warrior circuit. If a genuine Gibson is monetarily beyond of reach, you cannot go wrong with one of them.

5. PRS SE Custom 24

The Custom 24 represents the peak of PRS guitar design in the eyes of many, and the beauty of outstanding guitar design is that it transfers well across price categories. The SE Custom 24 is beautiful in everyone’s eyes.

The wide, thin neck shape offers a harmonious mix between speed and comfort. The veneer of flame maple finds a harmonious mix between luxury and ostentation. Everything about the design of this instrument seems to be in perfect balance.

The SE Custom 24 range also includes the eye-catching Burled Ash and expensive 35th Anniversary editions.

You will be rewarded with a super-stable vibrato, a bridge pickup that can handle anything from a southern rock snarl to a metal chunk, and neck humbucker tones naturally suited to blues, rock, and showing off your comping.

The coil-taps allow for various musical styles, including country and funk. The Custom 24 is comprehensive.

6. PRS SE Hollowbody Standard

The SE Hollowbody Standard feels like a real semi-acoustic, with a more extensive body than its US-built cousin, and these proportions evoke a Pavlovian ii-V-I reaction when picked up.

This is not only a jazz box. In contrast, when part of the treble is rolled down, the PRS 58/15 humbuckers are well-suited for jazz. However, you’ll get an ES-vibe and a versatile tone with a cranked tube amp.

The SE Hollowbody Standard is usually flawless, and it’s a testament to the SE line that it provides a feeling of PRS luxury at a reasonable cost.

Undoubtedly, this is a serious instrument, its wide-fat neck shape matching the moniker on the headstock, and its subtle plain top complementing it perfectly.

7. Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550

Several subgenres exist within guitar styles. Arguably, the greatest specialty is guitars built for heavier genres of music.

This is evident in body aesthetics, ergonomics, and hardware, with companies such as ESP and Schecter dominating the market.

However, we’ve picked perhaps the most recognizable brand in metal guitars and one of their most famous models.

Move ahead with the Ibanez RG550. The RG550 was reissued last year and is based on an absolute icon of the genre and was designed with metal in mind.

This guitar has a razor-thin neck, a locking trem, a locking nut, and high-output humbuckers so that it can shred.

8. Fender Vintera ’60s Telecaster Modified

The idea of “vibe” is pretty ambiguous. Essentially, a guitar generates a particular atmosphere or degree of coolness.

While any number of guitars may have fulfilled the requirements, we chose the outstanding Fender Vintera ’60s Telecaster Modified because we adore it.

The Vintera blends a basic Tele layout with ingenious modifications and plenty of feel behind the hood.

Underneath the conventional alder body, you can access various distinctive pickup possibilities. A distinctive four-way switch allows you to connect both single coil pickups in series, while the S-1 switch on the volume knob inverts the phase, giving you various sound tones.

9. Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM

The original Superstrat has never looked better since its reintroduction. This is a case when we are better off ignoring the name on the headstock and focusing on a guitar that delivers lightning-fast playability, heavy-duty humbucker tones, the snap and twang of a Strat, and a boutique feel, all at about $1000.

Everything about this is designed with the gamer in mind. Priority is given to performance, with Luminlay side-markers that are useful in on-stage situations, rolled fretboard edges, and a 12″-16″ compound fingerboard radius that are advantageous for those who like to exercise their chops.

In terms of tone, this is what you make of it. The stacked bridge humbucker is a contemporary classic, capable of consuming high gain and squealing when necessary, but is also rich in detail.

The Strat pickups in the middle and neck positions enable you to create the illusion that the Stratocaster’s headstock reads “Fender.”

10. Fender American Performer Stratocaster HSS

There is a period when most gamers want to expand their horizons. To experiment with new styles, sounds, or musical genres.

And although it would be ideal to have different guitars for each genre, this is not always attainable. Therefore, we want a generalist. This category includes the Fender American Performer Stratocaster.

Offering the combined advantages of traditional single-coil Fender assault and the added weight of a bridge humbucker, this instrument can easily handle the majority of musical genres.

Add the option to divide the humbucker into two single coils, giving you all the flexibility you’ll need. And, being a high-end Fender, you know that the sounds available are all of the highest quality. This is without question one of the finest Fender Stratocasters on the market.

11. Gibson Les Paul Studio

When you speak about workhorse guitars, you’re referring to instruments that are equally at home in the studio, on the road, and stowed beneath the couch for use during commercial breaks. 

You cannot go wrong with the Gibson Les Paul Studio, pound for pound. In addition to being constructed to withstand a nuclear war, the Studio series combines the tones, playability, and durability of a high-end guitar at an affordable price. 

To achieve this balance, Gibson eliminates some cosmetic features you’d find on a standard model, such as body binding. The remainder of the instrument is the same as that found on more expensive models.

12. Fender American Ultra Telecaster

Launched in November 2019, Fender’s American Ultra Series underwent extensive modifications to its California-built premium manufacturing line, including noiseless pickups as standard, “Modern D” neck profiles, and sculpted neck heels.

Contemporary fingerboards have a compound 10″–14″ fingerboard radius, rolled edges, and medium-sized frets. 

Not to mention the gold foil Fender logo and some of the best finishes we’d seen in years; these were player-oriented features. There are abundant features, and the Telecaster carries them wonderfully.

The bridge pickup’s tone is vintage Telecaster, with weapons-grade treble, brilliant and clear highs, and a melodic Nashville crunch when the gain is increased.

The neck completes the assault, and you may discover the sweet spot for lively tones with both pickups in tandem.

The S-1 Switch enhances the Telecaster’s reputation as the ultimate workhorse – flexible, punchy, and challenging.

13. Ibanez Prestige AZ2204-ICM

There is a perception that modified Strat-style guitars are just for shredders or progressive metalheads, although this is not precisely accurate. Manufacturers like Suhr have shown a market for super-playable yet mature instruments that improve Strat’s design.

The Ibanez AZ2204 is constructed with this philosophy and is perhaps the most playable electric guitar you’ll encounter.

The HSS arrangement gives many tonal choices, with Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups—lots of gain and clarity—in a control circuit with Dyna-MIX9 switching technology and nine distinct combinations.

Other unique features include luminous dot side-markers, a Gotoh T1802 vibrato, an oval C-shaped neck with somewhat more meat than its Wizard brothers, and Gotoh locking tuners. Well-equipped and beautifully polished, it is a genuine player’s guitar.

14. Gibson ES-335 Satin

And now for something entirely different. When one considers jazz guitars, massive bodies, semi-hollow construction, and warm humbuckers come to mind.

When these elements are combined, the result is an instrument capable of generating the silky smooth, rounded stones that are the foundation of jazz guitar. 

The Gibson ES-335 is an industry heavyweight. It combines an outstanding spectrum of tones with the most acceptable standards of build quality and silky-smooth playing.

This lineage is evident in every note, trill, and legato of the ES-335, which Gibson has produced for almost seven decades. It is not inexpensive, but that speaks for itself. There are few jazz guitars finer than this one. 

15. Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre

The original Sabre design, which went back to 1978 and was created by Leo Fender and George Fullerton, has improved vastly and given a premium makeover.

There is no material cost reduction. The Okoume body of the Sabre is capped with a 13mm piece of book-matched flame maple. The broad top’s exposed edges function as binding de facto. It seems to be perfect.

The custom-wound humbuckers are controlled by a five-way blade selector, allowing an abundance of in-between tones between the bridge humbucker’s fire and punch and the neck humbucker’s warm purity.

This is a guitar that encourages self-expression. If you get carried away, locking Schaller tuners and a highly steady vibrato will keep everything in line. Oh, you will.


The greatest electric guitar for you could not be the best for someone else. However, there are a few things to think about before making a purchase that might end up limiting your choices.

Getting an electric guitar from a store that sells a wide selection of instruments is ideal since it allows you to explore new avenues of enjoyment.

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