PortraitFlip Review: is Getting a Handmade Painting Worth It?

PortraitFlip Review

I’m Brenda Green and I’m here to talk about my experience with PortraitFlip’s handmade painting services.

It is an online service where you can submit your photographs online and get them converted into custom handmade paintings in a medium of your choice. These paintings are hand painted by talented artists and then sent to you by mail.

It’s a unique service that the company offers and as their name suggests they flip your photographs into beautiful handmade paintings.

With a customer base of over thousands, they have been successful in bringing life to memories with handmade paintings.

I was so keen on trying their service that I ordered a custom handmade painting from them. So here I am sharing an honest review of how I felt about the entire process and I will also tell you a little more about PortraitFlip!

What is PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip is a specialized art platform that was founded by Sunny Kumar in 2018 to bring home the perfect customized gift.

It developed due to its unique proposition, as you cannot go wrong with an everlasting toke like a handmade painting. Paintings are available in different mediums, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. On their website, pencil drawings in charcoal, pencil, and color pencil are also very popular. Every buyer can find a medium that suits their taste.

What I loved about the organization was its intent to provide better opportunities for the artist’s community while also providing an excellent gift-giving experience for their clients.

What’s it Like To Order From PortraitFlip?

The ordering process has to be my favorite because it was hassle-free. The process hand-holds you through every decision, from choosing the right medium, and size, as well as what would be the ideal reference photo for the artist to use.

I got a painting of Max(my dog) and me from PortraitFlip and it was beyond my expectations. At every stage of the ordering process, they make sure to communicate with the customer to understand their requirements.

While placing the order you can also include any notes you’d like to share with the artist. I noted that I would like them to “edit out the background” if they found any clutter and that I wanted a light and subtle background for the painting.

Within one day, I received an email indicating that my photo had been “edited” for my approval. I wasn’t happy with the background so I asked them to try something else.

The new edited design arrived to me within the next two days. This time it was even better than I imagined it would be.

Despite the corrections given, they were keen on delivering my vision and more. That’s what made PortraitFlip stand out for me!

At each step in the process, PortraitFlip kept me posted, with clear indications for the timing of the delivery of my artwork. The painting arrived at my doorstep within the given time frame.

Is Ordering a Portrait From PortraitFlip Worth It?

For a custom handmade painting, the ordering process is so simplified and the time from order to delivery is surprisingly fast.

I had never imagined buying an oil painting of my dog would fit so well on a budget. The striking difference between PortraitFlip and other services is that they offer the most exquisite handmade paintings without making a hole in your pocket. Their customer reviews also reflect a similar trajectory.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else, or even for yourself, PortraitFlip is the right fit. Treat yourself to a custom piece of artwork and relish the brilliance of the masterpiece in a happiness box. If you liked this article do check out similar product reviews on our website. Happy Shopping!

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