Positioning systems through inductive infrared (PMI)

PMI measures linear position as well as rotation angle by inductive means. In spite of dusty and dirty conditions as well as extreme temperatures, it can perform its functions. In a patented method, multiple coils are wired in a unique way to improve a sensor’s performance.

In some instances, a single sensor can measure multiple windows or switch points, depending on the application requirements. IO-Link inductive positioning systems from PMI are ideal for Industry 4.0 applications.

Series F90 of PMI positioning systems

A number of features are included in PMI’s F90 series positioning system that are unique in the industry.

One device can integrate IO-Link technology, detection of damping elements, gauge measurement, and switch functionality. (40mm, 80mm, and 120mm) Measurements are available in three different lengths.


Following are the functions of the PMI80-F90-IU-V1 positioning system.

Analog output with zero volts… Ten volts are applied to the circuit, while four milliamps are drawn. With a diameter of 80mm, a 4-pin, M12 x 1 connector, and DC voltage, the device measures current between 0 and 20 microamps.

Input Module 80F90IUIOV15

Positioning system PMI80-F90-IU-IO-V15 has the following features.

Diagnosing the IO-Link by adjusting its parameters and measuring range 0…. A stainless steel or brass housing with nickel plating secures this instrument with a programmable analog voltage/current output. It is five-pin, has a BNC connector, features a DC voltage, and is dust and water-proof.


A range of measurements is available to diagnose IO-Link problems. The sensor features three push-pull outputs, a 120 mm diameter, programmable switch points, and IO-Link communication capabilities.

Materials include brass, 1.4571 stainless steel, and plating. Protected by IP67/IP69K and powered by DC.

This is pmi-40-f90-3EP-IO-V15

The measurement range is 0…. The IO-Link can be used to diagnose and parameterize. IO-Link enables you to program switch points and measurement ranges.

A number of materials are used to construct this unit, including stainless steel 1.4571, brass, nickel-plated brass, and PBT. An M12 x 1 connector attaches the enclosure to the electronics.


Measurements range from 0 to … this can be used to diagnose IO-Link. With an ATEX 3G classification, a DC voltage output, a five-pin connector, a M12 x 1 thread, and a programmable analog output, this current and voltage meter offers a programmable analog output.

Positioning system F112 series by PMI

Each switch point can be precisely measured and monitored within a range of 14 mm using the F112 series of PMI positioning systems.

For applications that require a full enclosure, a metal housing with IP67 rating can provide an ideal solution.

Positioning system based on the F166 series

They are ideal for basic applications in tight spaces due to their compact design and rugged metal housing.

Tool spindles are one application that can fully take advantage of these advantages. Due to its compact design, it can easily be integrated into spindles, while its metal housing is oil- and abrasion-resistant.

 Positioning system for PMI F110 series

It is possible to perform long-range positioning reliably with PMI positioning systems in the F110 series.

For heavy machinery construction, the F110 series comes in a variety of lengths. The sensor can handle a wide range of mechanical tolerance without losing accuracy due to its 6 mm sensing range.

Positioning system PMI F130 series

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The F130 position measurement systems at PMI convert angle measurements from 0° to 360° into analog signals of 4mA to… an output of 20 milliamps. Furthermore, it can also be used for other purposes besides detecting the position of valve actuators.