Post Budget Reaction from Nitin Pahuja, Co-Founder, Push Sports

Nitin Pahuja-Co-Founder-Push Sports

Post Budget Reaction from Nitin Pahuja, Co-Founder, Push Sports

The budget’s focus on the long-term vision for the economy is a refreshing change from past populist budgets before elections.

Startups and industry will find confidence that the government is committed to its vision for India @100, making the policy trajectory predictable for the next 25 years.

The increase in capital expenditure will create new markets and deepen existing ones, as seen in the high growth during the Vajpayee era and UPA decade. The budget will outline a similar growth roadmap for the economy.

Maintaining the fiscal deficit reduction trajectory will attract foreign investment and insulate the currency from economic challenges.

The budget’s aim to increase disposable income for the lower middle class by raising tax exemptions will stimulate demand. The INR 35,000 crore stimulus could be a game-changer for D2C startups targeting this cohort.

The budget’s focus on improving employability through skill centers and apprenticeships is a positive step for startups seeking quality talent. The AI labs initiative could transform the startup industry as a public good.

Support for e-mobility and green energy offers a clear roadmap for startups in those sectors, with tax and duty rationalization to enhance competitiveness.

Expanding credit growth for MSMEs and reducing the cost of credit is a welcome move to support small enterprises recovering from the pandemic shock.

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