Power Gummies launch of ‘Jaw-dropping Skin Gummies’ for healthy glowing skin 24×7

Power Gummies - Jaw Dropping Skin Gummy

National, December 20th, 2021: Adding nutrition to our everyday regime and promoting beauty from within, with their gummy rule, Power Gummies introduces the most awaited fourth variant innovatively by ringing in the skin gods.

After three back-to-back incredible product launches, the brand is ecstatic to officially announce the launch of their new – Jaw-dropping Skin Gummies.

It is a wonderful self-care product that contains essential nutrients for healthy and glowing skin, in the most flavoursome way ever.

With today’s fast-paced lifestyles that focus mostly on a click, snap, and share scenario, skincare appears to be overlooked, undervalued, or overdone.

From these skincare routines, the only results are acne, wrinkles, skin dryness, redness and blemishes, which have now become major skin concerns in the digital age.

This is why it is necessary to strike an effective balance between skincare and self-care, not only to avoid the dark spots and dullness, but to also get bright, glowing and healthy nourished skin.

Healthy & glowing skin is what everybody wants today, and with Power Gummies, it is absolutely possible!

Irresistible like the brand’s other variants, The Jaw-Dropping Skin Gummies, offering a tasty lemon twist flavour, is an optimistic collagen building supplement curated to combat acne, blemishes and help boost the age reverse process.

These delicious collagen builder gummies will give you the bliss of having flawless and bright skin all day long, with improved skin elasticity, taking away filters from your camera.

Fortified with self-love and an efficacious mix of potent ingredients that replenish and hydrate the skin, the amazing mix also replenishes what your skin needs the most, keeping that young glow alive.

Certified by the FSSAI, The peach-coloured rabbit-shaped gummies are clinically proven and are safe to consume for all.

They are tasty, unisex, vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and crafted cruelty-free. They are specially formulated to render the perfect collagen dose of essential nutrients avoiding harmful preservatives and chemicals, to pamper your skin with some much-needed nutrient devotion so it can shine from the inside, making you happier by indulging in these delicious tangy lemons.

Excited with the launch of the skincare gummies, Mr. Divij Bajaj, CEO & Founder, Power Gummies, said “While curating these gummies, I kept my Power Gummies’ workforce and this generation in mind.

We did back-to-back trials with the world’s renowned institutes and research organisations to bring an efficient product that diminishes skin issues from within and provides nourishment from underneath the skin by giving the skin the fuel it needs for its optimized functioning.

Following our brand philosophy ‘Health Powered by Happiness & Backed by Science’, our motive is to add nourishment that evokes healthy skin for the generation of today!” he says. 

The brand’s new gummies are made with a composition that works wonders on your skin with just 2 gummies a day reducing blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, giving nourishment and revitalizing your skin for an oomph glow.

The gummies are filled with a powerful blend of super ingredient extracts like Vitamin C, that helps improve collagen synthesis, enabling skin lightening and delaying aging.

Vitamin E restores the skin cells with wear and tear, while Evening Primrose oil moisturizes and soothes the skin and improves its texture and elasticity.

In addition, other gems like Sea Buckthorn powder, Grape seed extract and Glutathione offer incredible anti-ageing characteristics that can help your skin retain an even and brighter complexion.

Specifically, Grape seed extract, a highlighted ingredient that makes you radiate from the core and is highly nutritious, is all you need for filterless skin. 

The Jaw-dropping Skin Gummy is SKINvestment by Power Gummies for switching to ‘your best skin ever’ with optimum collagen production stimulation that often gets affected in the late 20s.

This plant-based vegan collagen booster formula offers a plethora of skin benefits including improving skin elasticity with enhanced collagen and restructuring the course of your skin for the years to come.

It is scientifically backed by ingredients that bring you that supple young glow for the perfect OOTD flawless look and can make your skin shine bright with the perfect glam glow 24X7. 

Today, Power Gummies is touching lives bringing the much required tasty nutrition alternatives to the millennials and marketing its products through its website and on e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.


1 month pack: INR 1,300/-

About Power Gummies:

Our lifestyles have led us to compromise our nutrition needs and its aftereffects are showing in our deteriorating health.

This situation sets Power Gummies® as a provider in the journey to nutrition, enabling tasty yet effective ways to be healthy, getting rid of the fear and complexities of existing pill solutions.

The lifestyle dietary supplement brand Power Gummies has raffled the nutraceutical industry with their stellar performing three existing variants – Gorgeous Hair & Nail Vitamin Gummies, The Beach Body Gummies and That Time of the Month Gummies making to the headlines, ever growing brand legacy, bringing convenience, nostalgia, trust and fun to customers with health and happiness going hand-in-hand in pursuit of nutrition.

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