Entrepreneurial Journey of Viral Mantra’s Founder – Prachie Shah

Prachie Shah - Viral Mantra

Entrepreneurship definitely comes with a huge price!

From Interning for a small newspaper to creating the whole Viral Mantra and successfully running for 7 years – quite a roller coaster ride it has been!

Young, dynamic , passionate Entrepreneur and PR professional, Prachie Shah started Viral Mantra Public Relations at the age of 23.

Graduate in BMM and post grad in Mass communications, she started her job as sub editor – interning for a small newspaper.

Soon her boss gave her an opportunity to write a fashion column for the same. She wrote around 25 articles that got published.

To cut the long story short, she then switched to P.R upon her professor’s recommendation. She worked in different areas of P.R – Entertainment, Gaming etc.

Later, went on to Join a Fashion/Lifestyle company.With absolutely no plans to start her own thing, she went on ahead and became a personal PR for a stylist.

From there her journey began and soon people started enquiring for her. Starting as a freelancer,  she decided the day when she has her 10th client is the day when she will start her own company.

In Span of 8th months, she got her 10th client only through word of mouth and went on to build a company of her own where Viral Mantra was born.

Starting from scratch with no money in hand , and no one to support she definitely has come a very long way! 

Having spent 7 years as entrepreneur  , she has worked with fashion brands across the country,  and still striving hard in times of covid . Sole owner of the company , it has been quite a journey of ups /downs and much more.

Right from handling the entire office, to the entire team , meeting deadlines, getting results all at once.

The age where one parties and enjoys their lives , she spent all her time running this. Sleepless nights, no vacations  is what has made her whatever she is become today. 

“In Business one has to keep moving forward , no matter whatever the situation is , that’s the only choice you have that would lead you and push you forward!” She quotes.

She further echoes ,” For all the young and aspirational entrepreneurs, if this is something that you want to do, be ready to take every blow that comes your way!

There are absolutely no short-cuts. Hardwork is the only and only way. Though luck is important too. It’s hard but definitely worth it.”

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She concludes by saying , ” Not everyone will Understand your journey, and that’s ok. “