Interview: Pragya Chopra, Founder of OnOffOnline Marketing Agency

Pragya Chopra

An interview with Pragya Chopra, Woman Entrepreneur & Founder of OnOffOnline Marketing Agency

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Pragya Chopra, the visionary founder behind OnOffOnline Marketing Agency, a trailblazing force in the digital marketing landscape. With a deep-rooted passion for innovation and a keen eye for emerging trends, Pragya has steered her agency to remarkable heights, helping businesses navigate the complexities of the digital realm with finesse.

Her expertise, coupled with an unwavering commitment to client success, has positioned OnOffOnline as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to elevate their online presence. Today, we delve into Pragya’s journey, insights, and the transformative impact of her work in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

What inspired the inception of OnOffOnline Marketing Agency?

Pragya Chopra: OnOffOnline was born from necessity. Post-COVID era, we saw an increasing urgency in businesses wanting to expand their presence online. In 2021, there was a gap in the market for a marketing-first social media agency.

The first identity of OnOffOnline was a “social media agency” – but in December 2023 – that changed. I frequently talk about “How I Killed My Social Media Agency” – and why I did it. Right now, in a rapid turn of events – social media agencies are popping up everywhere. The market is saturated, with peers in this space fighting to get their clients with competitive pricing.

Running a social media agency is now no longer perceived as a value proposition, but rather a “basic need” – so it’s become a price-driven decision for the client. The current B2C business owner has an average of a minimum of 3 agencies (up to 10 agencies) – each for different digital needs.

The problem then becomes, are the agencies delivering the results for the business owners? Has the business owner managed to strategically direct all multiple agencies toward achieving their outcomes? Is the business owner now a full-time marketing director – instead of being the CEO of the company?

To resolve the lack of streamlined strategic supervision – and an accountable party to deliver these results – is where OnOffOnline CMOaaS℠ (CMO-As-A-Service) steps in. The one accountable party for the business owner – who delivers marketing-led targets for the business in a limited time duration – and streamlines all agencies towards specific outcomes.

As an outsourced CMO, we become a part of their core team – and we’re only incurring our fee on achieving those specific target outcomes. 

How does OnOffOnline distinguish itself in the industry and stay innovative in a dynamic digital landscape?

Pragya Chopra: We’re not your next-door social media agency. We’re not another retainer-fee agency. We’re here to give you specific target results – to increase your business’s awareness and/or increase its revenue.

We’re the single accountable party for the busy founder, to drive all marketing efforts towards achieving specific outcomes for their business – and we’re only paid against the performance-based milestones, so the incentives are truly aligned for all parties.

OnOffOnline CMOaaS℠ (CMO-As-A-Service) helps mid-size businesses achieve awareness & revenue targets in 90-180 days with NO upfront investment. We give access to proven marketing strategies, and expert partners – in different digital departments with proven track records to execute and deliver results in a short period of time.

More than just another retainer-based marketing agency, our pay-per-performance fee structure means we’re integral partners with target-based incentives, which is far more conducive to success.

When the business wins, then we win.

Our mission is to help marketing-led businesses access professional & proven marketing leadership, strategies & systems to achieve awareness & revenue targets fast & effectively.

Can you provide an overview of OnOffOnline, its specialization, and the services it offers?

Pragya Chopra: OnOffOnline CMOaaS℠ (CMO-As-A-Service) | Outsourced Chief Marketing Officers Marketing partners working as your business’s head of marketing – to achieve revenue & awareness targets for your business – in 90-180 days.

Our mission is to help marketing-led businesses access professional & proven marketing leadership, strategies & systems to achieve awareness & revenue targets – fast & effectively.

Taking a load off the business owner, and going beyond just doing outsourced agency work, we become a part of your core team.


All of our Marketing Strategies come with an in-bound CMO-As-A-Service (CMOaaS℠) facility. When you work with us, you get our CMO-As-A-Service facility by default. Based on your business goals, we deploy one of our proven Marketing Strategies to achieve your targets in 90-180 days.


Our pay-per-performance fee-structure means we’re integral partners who only get our fee on achieving your target outcomes.


Proven marketing strategies, systems & execution management that deliver awareness and revenue results in 90-180 days.






Our roster of skilled industry leaders has proven to be successful in their respective fields. And now, the experts are working with you — for your business, in a remote-forward environment under one management system — OnOffOnline CMOaaS℠.


In some cases, our clients don’t have a core in-house marketing team.
What can you do when you don’t have a core in-house marketing team?
Not to worry, you can opt-in for our On-Demand Marketing Execution Team.

4. What do you consider as OnOffOnline’s biggest USP?

Pragya Chopra: Definitely our Pay Per Performance fee structure that reverses the risk factor for business owners actively hiring for marketing. There is a current trend of switching agencies every 3 weeks to 3 months – that’s the average lifespan for clients and for retainer-based agencies.

I strongly believe it is due to the fact that there is a lack of accountability in this traditional model of working. The incentives are simply not aligned with the outcomes.

The business owner is generally left frustrated with having to shell out sums of money month-on-month for the multiple agencies, and still left with unmet targets – which is where resentment and underlying frustration lies – that results in firing and re-hiring agencies. It’s a vicious cycle.


Our pay-per-performance fee structure means we’re integral partners who only get our fee for achieving your target outcomes.


To reduce your risk and help with the distribution of marketing cash flow, we’re happy to put our skin in the game by working for free (no CMO-As-A-Service recurring fee cost) until we achieve your target outcome(s).

We direct your marketing spend strategically – using our industry expert roster & fractional CMO expertise – to achieve your specific target outcomes in 90-180 days. Only when we achieve our targets, we get our CMO-As-A-Service fee.


If you’ve ever worked with a standard agency before, you’d know this generally results in 2 outcomes:

SCENARIO A : You’re either being charged an unfair fee to begin with because to begin, they are not delivering the results that justify the fee. They had some good case studies but you are not one of them, yet you’re paying the high price as if you were getting those results, being told ‘it takes time’.

SCENARIO B : Your campaign reaches a point where results are ‘good enough’, and you as the client are happy not to cancel and here is often when improvement stops. Financially, there is no further reward for your agency to deliver more or go “above and beyond”.


When you incentivize your agency, you’re doing 2 things :

  • You’re keeping them accountable, if the campaign doesn’t work you don’t pay them.
  • You’re incentivizing them to keep going and to dominate.

Could you walk us through your approach to developing and implementing marketing strategies for clients?

Pragya Chopra: 10 Steps For Hands-Free Marketing Management

Step-by-step process of how we achieve awareness & revenue targets for your business in 90-180 days.

  1. Business Owner Hires CMO Agency
  2. Business Owner Defines 90-180 Day Marketing Spend & Targets
  3. CMO Agency Defines 90-180 Day Marketing Strategy To Achieve Targets
  4. CMO Agency Hires Industry Expert Partners To Execute Marketing Strategy
  5. CMO Agency Directs, Supervises & Manages Core Marketing Team
  6. CMO Agency Streamlines Multiple Marketing Team Communication
  7. CMO Agency Contacts Business Owner For Strategy Performance & Updates
  8. Business Owner Contacts CMO Agency During Available Time Intervals
  9. CMO Agency Achieves 90-180 Day Targets
  10. Pay Per Performance (CMO Agency Fee Payable Upon Achieving Targets)

How do you foster effective communication and collaboration within your team to deliver exceptional results?

Pragya Chopra: We set KPIs for the expert partners and the agencies we work with – the same way we do for our clients are the overarching agency supervising and leading all marketing efforts. We ensure each dollar/rupee spent through us for marketing – is towards achieving specific targets – that way we keep all the agencies focused and aligned towards the targets, instead of random recurring monthly spends with little to no reporting of what the results of those spends have been.

In your experience, what are some common marketing mistakes businesses make, and how can they be avoided?

Pragya Chopra: The most common mistake being made is the business owner wearing multiple hats in their business. If they don’t have a CMO – they by default become the CMO – along with being the CEO, CFO, CTO & COO.

The second would be to deploy agencies without specific guarantees or outcomes towards achieving their targets. The agencies continuously incur a monthly recurring retainer fee, and the client is generally left frustrated with all marketing spends and little to nothing to show for it.

Digital marketing is no longer about just social media.

It’s about content creation, performance marketing, creative design, communication strategy, engagement strategy, visibility strategy, advertising strategy, e-commerce strategy, performance marketing, influencer marketing, website marketing, PR strategy, lead generation, sales optimisation…

Too often business owners hire multiple agencies to achieve their marketing targets.

Nothing wrong with that, except

Business owners are left frustrated with agency recurring retainer fees – and no visible achievements of their marketing targets.

Third-party agencies do not take accountability for the success or decline of the marketing targets.

The business owner bears 100% of the responsibility and 100% of the cost if the marketing strategy works or doesn’t.

That’s where we step in as your marketing partners.

A strategic core team – with a plan of action to direct all your marketing activities to achieve awareness and revenue targets for your businessfast & effectively.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs in the marketing and digital space?

Pragya Chopra: Solve a real problem. Upskill. Make value-driven offers – and deliver on it. Execution is everything. You’re as good as your execution. Anyone can drive the price down and sell their product or service, the real game is to charge a premium – and deliver more than you knew possible. And persevere. You will succeed if you do not quit.

In conclusion, my conversation with Pragya Chopra has been nothing short of enlightening. Through her words, it’s evident that her entrepreneurial journey with OnOffOnline Marketing Agency is not just about driving business growth but also about fostering meaningful connections and empowering brands to thrive in the digital age.

Pragya’s relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with her innovative approach, serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Pragya Chopra stands as a beacon of expertise, guiding businesses towards success with her unwavering passion and commitment to excellence.

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