Interview: Prakher Mathur – Co-Founder & COO at Conscious Chemist

Prakher Mathur - Conscious Chemist

An interview with Prakher Mathur – Co-Founder & COO at Conscious Chemist, a performance driven skin care brand

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Prakher Mathur – Co-Founder & COO at Conscious Chemist, a performance driven skin care brand. Prakher Mathur, a trailblazer in the skincare industry, serves as the Co-Founder and COO of Conscious Chemist, a pioneering brand redefining beauty with performance-driven products.

With a dynamic blend of business acumen and a passion for sustainable skincare, Mathur has propelled Conscious Chemist to the forefront of the market, revolutionizing how we perceive and engage with skincare routines.

What inspired you to co-found Conscious Chemist, a performance-driven skincare brand?

Prakher Mathur: My journey with Conscious Chemist began due to the gap I noticed in the Indian skincare brands preaching marketing buzzwords like Chemical-free, 100% Natural, Organic, etc. to sell instead of working on genuine product efficacy.

This uneasiness and his eagerness to make consumers aware of what they were buying and using led me to become the co-founder of Conscious Chemist. 

Can you tell us about the philosophy behind Conscious Chemist and how it influences the formulation of your skincare products?

Prakher Mathur: Our philosophy is deeply rooted in our 4C’s. Our products are Clinically Proven. Our formula foundations are built on the pillars of problem-solving ingredients and skin barrier-boosting ingredients. This synergy sets our products apart.

Our formulations go through Comprehensive Testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products for our diverse community. We are always Conscious about creating products that embrace eco-friendly and cruelty-free manufacturing processes. We actively fulfill our Civic Responsibility by partnering with organizations like Reffwatch and Disposal Co. 

How do you ensure that Conscious Chemist products deliver both efficacy and safety for your customers?

Prakher Mathur: Product performance is a significant part of our product development process. I believe that sourcing top-tier ingredients truly sets us apart, especially considering the variety of niacinamide vendors available in the market today.

Additionally, our core philosophy has always been to craft formulations that prioritize both ‘efficacy and skin barrier health’. We rely on a team of approximately 150 beauty and skincare industry experts who rigorously test our products for several weeks before their release.

Furthermore, I interact with customers personally, to collect feedback, resolve inquiries, and consistently enhance our product range.

What sets Conscious Chemist apart from other skincare brands in terms of its approach to performance-driven formulations?

Prakher Mathur: We invest considerable effort in ‘Consciously’ educating our customers. For instance, our Instagram reel gained 4 million views, around our process highlighting cruelty-free snail mucin extraction. Rather than solely focusing on promotions, we create content that delves into topics like “Why choose encapsulated retinol over free retinol”.

Therefore, content plays a significant role for us. Our formulations are effective while also placing a high priority on barrier health. Additionally, pricing is a crucial aspect.

Could you walk us through the research and development process involved in creating your skincare products?

Prakher Mathur: We have a dedicated team for product research and development. Every time we explore a new product, it goes through meticulous stages of research and trials in our lab.

As I mentioned earlier, we have a set of about 150 experts who help us understand the pros and cons of the product on different skin combinations. The idea is to create products that are result-oriented and pocket-friendly. 

What are some of the key active ingredients used in Conscious Chemist products, and how do they contribute to improving skin health and appearance?

Prakher Mathur: As mentioned earlier, we harmonize our formulations by combining performance-driven actives with ingredients that promote barrier health. Among the ingredients, we prioritize peptides, ceramides, and betaine-like compounds. These components aid in moisture retention, hydration, collagen enhancement, and skin firmness and tightening.

How do you balance innovation with consumer needs and preferences when developing new skincare solutions?

Prakher Mathur: Innovation plays a big role in every industry right now and brands that can’t live up to the changing needs of their customers cannot sustain in the market. If you look at our catalog, you’ll see that we’ve focussed on skin issues like Hyperpigmentation, Premature Aging, Acne, Stretchmarks, and even rare conditions like Keratosis Pilaris because that is the demand in the market.

Our research team is always on the lookout for the current and relevant skin-related problems that need solutions and then finding solutions in the form of new products. 

What feedback have you received from customers regarding the performance and effectiveness of Conscious Chemist products?

Prakher Mathur: Receiving feedback on both our current formulations and new product ideas is an everyday occurrence, and our community is highly engaged, for which we are incredibly thankful. I recall a particular instance when our bestseller, SunDrink, was leading across all platforms—our website, Amazon, Nykaa, and every other channel.

However, we started receiving 5-6 feedback messages expressing the need for the same formulation but with water and sweat resistance for travel purposes. Many customers found that their sunscreen washed off easily after sweating or during their daily commutes to work. We promptly took action and within the next four months, we launched Unwind SunDrink sunscreen.

Looking forward, what are your plans for the future growth and expansion of Conscious Chemist?

Prakher Mathur: We want Conscious Chemist to become a market leader in utility-driven skincare, known for its ethical practices, product efficacy, and affordability. The future also holds scaling operations and strengthening partnerships.

We aim to expand to a wider audience and reach about 10 million Indian households while staying true to our core values of providing effective skincare solutions. 

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Prakher Mathur: For aspiring entrepreneurs, prepare to put in the hard work and continuously develop your skills. Gain a deep understanding of your niche and prioritize understanding your customers, regardless of your position and workload.

Stay connected with them to grasp their overall experience. Keep a close eye on your metrics and concentrate on building your brand right from day one.

Prakher Mathur’s visionary leadership at Conscious Chemist exemplifies the intersection of innovation and conscience in the skincare industry.

His commitment to excellence and sustainability continues to drive the brand’s success, promising a future where skincare isn’t just about beauty but also about conscious choices for both individuals and the planet.

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