The IITian Pramod Maheshwari Did not Go to Abroad and Gave Tuition in a Tyre Warehouse

Pramod Maheshwari

Success story of Pramod Maheshwari, educator, Indian entrepreneur, Founder, Managing Director, CEO, and Chairman of Career Point Ltd.

Pramod Maheshwari is an Indian entrepreneur and Founder of India-based Education Company, Career Point Ltd that runs Cram school for various examinations to achieve student’s particular goals.

Pramod Maheshwari The IITian was born in1971 in the Marwari family. His father works as a Grain Trader in Kota.

He had completed his graduation from IIT Delhi in 1993. Pramod has many calls from a renowned company. He was in a dilemma that either he takes a job in an MNC Company or go Abroad for further studies. 

Pramod Maheshwari was too much attached to his family and do not want to leave his place for Job. While he was puzzled about his future criteria. A student from a neighbor came to him regularly to ask for tips on how to clear JEE.

As many students came for tips with Pramod, an idea generated in his mind that he can also coach the student that How students can crack different competitive exams with few expert tips?

Entrepreneurial Journey of Pramod Maheshwari

So, this idea clicks in his mind to enter in Education sector and now he was firmed in that he worked as an entrepreneur, and in this idea, he can stay with his family too.

Soon after this Idea he started working on this and take Rs. 25000 from his father to set a career in Coaching Institute.

He gave the named Career Point and started his first tuition as a Physics teacher in Tyre Warehouse. In the first term, he has 51 students.

His initial year was not trouble-free as he was not a businessman, he has gone through some challenges. How to select a staff?

And marketing strategies are some of the back-kicks for him. But he didn’t lack enthusiasm as he has the credibility of IITian.

After a year he understands his lacking point and worked on it. Pramod gave a new turn to his Career Point. He enhances his coaching and built it to leading coaching of Medical and IIT entrance exam.

Now A CAREER POINT a Kota based finest coaching is at peak with his new business strategies.

The institute makes a turnover of Rs. 140 with 1200 employees and become the choicest Career option for all students who want to crack IIT and Medical. The institute gains much fame and famous among students.

Business Model

Career Center primary business model revolves around test prep and education through centres, franchisee network and school partners for NEET, JEE, NTSE, Olympiads and K-12 exams.

What Career Point display?

Coaching is giving the best career coaching, which blends up with the traditional studies and the latest technologies. Which helps the students to choose a career path of their choice.

This Coaching presents the classroom training program through a physical network with four connected learning centres in Rajasthan.

All franchisees and connected centres and giving a powerful response with our best faculties and teaching style.

The Coaching Point has 23 franchisee Centers where the centre grand permission to operate classes in the name of COACHING POINT for a given time.

The Company received a fixed license fee from the franchisee. The Coaching Point gives Variable Royalty. In addition, Career Point also sells Study Materials and earn profit from them.

Pramod Maheshwari enhances his business style by collaborating with 20 schools and provide them tutorial services in their school premises.

In this venture, students get valuable education and can prepare for competitive exams accordingly. We get margins at the time of increase of result in school marketing.

E-learning app

The COACHING CENTER has launched e-career point, a learning app where students of Engineering, medical and K-12 student will learn how to crack competitive exams. Classes for NEET and JEE are also available in that.

In this app, students can clear their doubts with the host of CAREER POINT COACHING. They also take live classes and provide study material and e-books.

The coaching centre also provides recorded class session so that if few things left, the student can cover them in recorded class.

The CAREER POINT also provides a practice problem sheet so that student can check themselves.

The company Motto is to give the best education quality from kindergarten to PhD. Pramod Maheshwari gets gained as e-learning is growing rapidly in the market and most Indian reaching online studies. He gained 9.6 million by 2021.

In COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown, most of the studies started online and student adopted e-learning pattern.

It gives spark to CAREER POINT as all over India students are depending on e-learning. As Career Point is providing good study material, enrollment has increased. That gives a new hike to Career Point.

We hope you find the inspiring story of Pramod Maheshwari, Indian entrepreneur, educator, Founder Managing Director, CEO, and Chairman of Career Point Ltd useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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