Interview: Pramod Raghav, Founder of Niswarth Kadam (NGO)

Pramod Raghav

An interview with Pramod Raghav, Founder of Niswarth Kadam (NGO) & Social Activist

Pramod Raghav, an emblem of altruism and social change, stands as the visionary founder of Niswarth Kadam, a beacon of hope and transformation in the realm of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

With a fervent belief in the power of collective action and the innate potential of every individual to effect positive change, Raghav embarked on a journey to address societal challenges and uplift marginalized communities.

His unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes, coupled with a strategic approach to grassroots initiatives, has propelled Niswarth Kadam to the forefront of social impact, touching countless lives and inspiring a ripple effect of compassion and empowerment.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind founding “Niswarth Kadam” and the journey of establishing this transformative NGO?

Pramod Raghav: Fueled by an unyielding passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, my journey with Niswarth Kadam began. Witnessing the struggles of marginalized communities ignited a deep sense of empathy within me, compelling me to take action.

With time, our vision developed into a comprehensive strategy that tackles a wide range of societal issues. With our steadfast dedication to social welfare as our guiding, we ventured into the fields of education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

Acknowledging the potency of teamwork, we established alliances to enhance our influence. As we work to build a more just and equitable society where everyone has the chance to prosper, each stride forward is filled with optimism and tenacity.

Your ventures, both in social welfare and entrepreneurship, reflect a strong commitment to ethical conduct and sustainability. How do you ensure that these principles are integrated into the core of your business practices?

Pramod Raghav: Through integrating social responsibility into our business processes, we as entrepreneurs put both financial success and the welfare of society first. To do this, we must actively look for ways to produce shared value while upholding moral behaviour and sustainability in our operations.

The Expert Serve Group of Companies, for instance, supports environmental sustainability through programmes like solar energy projects and creates jobs for young people.

Our businesses maintain their economic viability while making significant contributions to society through the integration of social impact indicators into our strategy and the cultivation of a corporate social responsibility culture.

Could you elaborate on some of the significant initiatives undertaken by Niswarth Kadam, such as the construction of school buildings and the establishment of Vedic Girls Gurukul? How have these initiatives impacted the communities they serve?

Pramod Raghav: In order to further India’s objectives of inclusive education and promoting social and economic development, Niswarth Kadam’s activities are essential. More than a hundred impoverished pupils now receive the basic education they need thanks to the development of school facilities in places like Samalkha City, Haryana.

Similarly, the founding of the Vedic females Gurukul in Rajasthan enables young females via education, which is an essential driving force behind the advancement of society. In addition, we have improved access to high-quality education for countless people by contributing more than two crores in financial aid to educational institutions across the country.

Your philanthropic efforts extend to various sectors, including education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment. Can you shed light on some of the key projects and their outcomes?

Pramod Raghav: The philanthropic efforts in education include building schools in underprivileged areas, increasing access to education for hundreds of children. In healthcare, we provide financial support for medical treatments, easing the burden on economically disadvantaged families and improving overall health outcomes.

For women’s empowerment, initiatives like funding self-employment ventures and establishing projects like the Sanitary Napkin Project promote economic independence and skill development among women.

Additionally, his awareness campaigns raise consciousness about social and environmental issues, encouraging sustainable practices and community engagement.

These projects have led to improved literacy rates, enhanced healthcare access, empowered women, and heightened awareness about pressing social and environmental concerns, contributing to a more equitable society.

Your advocacy against Chinese products and promotion of environmental consciousness through initiatives like the Selfie with Tree campaign are commendable. What prompted you to take on such initiatives, and what impact have they had?

Pramod Raghav: The NGO has embarked on sustainability-driven endeavours across India, notably through impactful awareness campaigns. These initiatives, including the Selfie with Tree and Say NO to Plastic Campaign, are designed to elevate consciousness about the environmental repercussions of certain products and actions, while advocating for more eco-friendly alternatives.

As a result, there has been a noticeable surge in environmental awareness within communities, prompting a decline in the usage of Chinese goods and disposable plastics. This transition towards sustainable practices has yielded favorable outcomes for the environment, notably in curbing plastic pollution and fostering a greater embrace of eco-conscious alternatives.

Your commitment to women’s empowerment is evident through initiatives like the Sanitary Napkin Project and Sewing Machine Centre. What motivated you to focus on empowering women, and how have these initiatives contributed to their upliftment?

Pramod Raghav: Recognizing the financial hardships faced by many families, we took decisive action by allocating over 50 lacs towards supporting girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Initiatives like the Sanitary Napkin Project provide essential menstrual hygiene resources, breaking taboos and promoting women’s health and dignity.

The Sewing Machine Centre equips women with skills and tools for economic independence, fostering self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. These programs not only address immediate needs but also empower women to lead confident, fulfilled lives, contributing to societal progress.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to integrate social responsibility into their business models, based on your own experiences and learning’s?

Pramod Raghav: Based on my experiences and learning’s, my advice to aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to integrate social responsibility into their business models is to prioritize purpose alongside profit. Start by identifying pressing social issues that align with your passions and expertise.

Stay committed to transparency and accountability, regularly evaluating and reporting on your social impact. Remember integrating social responsibility isn’t just about philanthropy it’s about creating shared value for both your business and society. Embrace innovation and empathy, and let your commitment to positive change guide your entrepreneurial journey.

In the tapestry of societal progress, Pramod Raghav’s indomitable spirit and tireless dedication shine as guiding stars, illuminating paths to a more equitable and compassionate world.

Through the profound legacy of Niswarth Kadam, he has not only catalyzed tangible change but also ignited a flame of hope in the hearts of those yearning for a brighter tomorrow.

As we reflect on Raghav’s remarkable journey, let us not only celebrate his achievements but also reaffirm our collective commitment to creating a future where empathy, opportunity, and justice flourish for all.

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