Interview with Prateek Toshniwal, an esteemed angel investor and a professional financial advisor

Prateek Toshniwal

An Exclusive interview with Prateek Toshniwal, an esteemed angel investor and a professional financial advisor

In our exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Prateek Toshniwal, a distinguished angel investor and seasoned financial advisor.

With an illustrious career spanning over several years in the world of finance and investments, Prateek has established himself as a prominent figure in the investment community.

As an angel investor, he has supported numerous startups and emerging ventures, contributing to their growth and success.

Moreover, his expertise as a financial advisor has empowered countless individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions, ensuring their prosperity in the dynamic economic landscape.

In this interview, Prateek shares valuable insights, thoughts, and experiences that shed light on the intricacies of angel investing, financial planning, and the ever-evolving realm of investments.

Can you tell us about your background and how you became a financial advisor? What motivated you to pursue a career in this field?

Prateek Toshniwal: I come from a background of being an entrepreneur, and my main focus is on mentoring and building scalable and sustainable businesses, especially in India, the Middle East, and Africa.

I have been actively involved in the startup ecosystem in India since 2018 and have assisted multiple startups in their growth.

My professional background includes being a Chartered Accountant, and I hold degrees in B.Com and B.Com Honors from Narsee Monjee Institute, Mumbai.

After working at KPMG for three years following my graduation, I returned to Surat in 2017 to join my father’s Chartered Accountant practicing firm.

However, I quickly realized that traditional practice was not my true calling. My passion lies in investing, networking, advising, mentoring, and building viable and extensible businesses.

Through my philosophy of putting “skin into the game,” I have distinguished myself and firmly believe that nothing in life comes for free, so value is created when one invests both financially and emotionally.

As a result, I have personally invested in 28 companies and co-invested in over 75 companies, with three of them valued at $1 billion or more.

I have had four successful exits in my investments. Currently, I am an advisor at IVY GROWTH ASSOCIATES, which is the fastest-growing angel network in Surat, and I have been involved in syndicating investments totaling $10 million in more than 60 startups.

Additionally, I serve on the advisory boards of Toshniwal Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and Funding Possibilities. Along with my partners, I am planning to launch a $30 million fund based in DIFC Dubai that will focus on investing in startups globally.

My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on 500+ startup founders over the next decade, driven by my passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed.

I firmly believe that being organized, reliable, and professional are crucial qualities that every entrepreneur should possess.

As a financial advisor, how do you approach helping your clients achieve their financial goals? What is your philosophy when it comes to financial planning?

Prateek Toshniwal: I believe in gradually building a strong relationship with my clients, carefully understanding their cash flow positions, and providing well-informed guidance.

By taking a patient and supportive approach, I aim to empower my clients to strengthen their financial status over time.

Every individual’s financial situation is unique. How do you tailor your advice and recommendations to suit the specific needs and circumstances of your clients?

Prateek Toshniwal: I fully understand and appreciate that each individual’s financial situation is indeed unique. To ensure that my advice and recommendations are tailored precisely to suit the specific needs and circumstances of my clients, I prioritize a personalized approach.

I take the time to thoroughly understand my clients’ financial goals, current financial position, risk tolerance, and long-term aspirations.

By gaining deep insights into their unique circumstances, I can craft financial strategies that align perfectly with their individual objectives.

One common factor that holds true for everyone is the significance of cash flow in determining their financial health.

As a result, I make it a priority to guide my clients in managing their cash flow effectively. This enables them to make sound financial decisions and achieve greater financial stability.

The financial landscape is constantly changing. How do you stay updated with the latest market trends and regulations to provide the best guidance to your clients?

Prateek Toshniwal: To stay updated with the latest market trends and regulations, I attend informative sessions, read newspapers, and stay alert for relevant notifications.

What are some of the most common financial challenges or concerns that your clients typically approach you with, and how do you address them?

Prateek Toshniwal: The most common financial challenges and concerns that my clients often approach me with revolve around fund management, specifically regarding where and how much to invest.

To address these concerns, I take into consideration each client’s risk appetite, financial goals, and investment horizon.

In my approach, I typically recommend following the 80-20 rule. This means allocating around 80% of their investments into liquid assets, which are easily convertible to cash and provide liquidity and stability.

The remaining 20% is allocated to illiquid assets, which may have a longer investment horizon but have the potential for higher returns.

Investment decisions can be complex and overwhelming for some clients. How do you educate and guide your clients in making well-informed investment choices? 

Prateek Toshniwal: I involve clients, encourage learning, and keep them informed to make well-informed investment choices.

Risk tolerance varies among individuals. How do you determine the appropriate level of risk for each client’s investment portfolio?

Prateek Toshniwal: Clients determine their risk tolerance, and I manage their investment portfolios accordingly.

Financial planning goes beyond investments and includes other aspects like retirement planning, insurance, and tax management. How do you ensure your clients have a holistic approach to their finances?

Prateek Toshniwal: I ensure a holistic approach to finances by addressing succession planning, providing insurance guidance, and offering tax planning strategies.

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