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The recent report by Hootsuite report that stated the latest global trend in social media “Social Trend 2021” reflects on what would social media be like in 2021, given the changing dynamics and behaviour of consumer during and post COVID era.

As the audience behaviour shifts towards online and more digitally drive, Brands in 2021 need to align themselves with the same to continue in building stronger relations with their consumers.

The current social media users are more than 4 billion with a good increase of 9% as compared to last years growth.

It is pivotal for brands to pace up with their social media presence to grow and increase their business. Here are a few points that, we at Ikokas predicts will be a game-changer in 2021:

Video Content:

Social media video content is the fastest mode to increase your outreach. People are more likely to open an engaging video over liking a static post.

74% of the marketers believe that video has a better ROI than static imagery. Insta reels, are one way to ensure your brands reaches the audience page even if they don’t follow you.

Ikokas content team ensure the brand content is bespoke, relevant to the services and taps the right audience with help of knowing the TG and their demographics.

Social Media Shopping:

What if we tell you that social media is the new e-commerce? Well, it is! While e-commerce takes the centre stage, social media is the new age shopping platform.

Small business prefers to create a brand page on Instagram first before launching a professional website.

That is where the consumer journey starts from and end on your website page, which is much shorter. If you are an e-commerce business, now is the time to set up your digital store. 

We at Ikokas have taken up the social media approach by setting up a digital storefront up and running with the help of technology for a real-time store experience.

Have a purpose:

What do you want out of social media? Where do you want to reach? Make your goals SMART and align them with your marketing objectives.

If you don’t know what you want as a brand, how will you serve it to your consumer? We help you set your attainable goals.

From tapping the right set of audience, to increase followers and the utmost importance of generating leads and business are a few goals for a brand that we establish.

Educate. Engage. Entertain:

Educating your audience is proven to be more engaging than static post. For example, brands that include Instagram carousel posts are a perfect hack to increase the time spend on your social media page, as well as convey the message in educational posts.

Your audience should understand your message. Share tips, Did you know, Swipe right to know or product range launch are some of the great ways to keep your engagement rate high.

Our approach has been curating content that is bespoke, connect and brings in a good engagement rate. We take pride in it.

Stories are here to stay:

500 million people use stories every day. Let along 150 million Instagram users are actively consuming Insta stories, every day.

The interaction rate of Instagram stories increased up to 7.2%. We personally encourage our clients to post real-time updates, product launch and behind the scenes on social media stories to build more engagements.

The icing on the cake could be added by saving those stories in your profile highlights forever.

Influencer Marketing:

We have all known this mode of marketing ever since social media users started influencing people with their choice, brands and promotion.

The brands are investing hefty into their influencer marketing program. A social media influencer with a great outreach will create more awareness about your brand and product than your single page posts.

Influencer marketing is estimated to have grown to reach $13.8 billion in 2021and is a must-have for every brand from SMEs to a multinational brand.

We as an expert of digital marketing draft out best of the influencers from microbloggers to the top influencers of industry.

Last but not the least, Go Live:

Ever wondered why going live is more important than posting a post? It builds a real-time connection with your audience.

It is direct communication with your consumer. Brands have successfully run live sales, QnA, contests and various other promotional activities to leverage this feature.

For example, a baker doing a live bake-off is a proven hit over him posting a recipe. Going live is not restricted to your followers.

It sends a notification to people who are following and their followers as a chain of communication increasing your traffic on social media.

Above are a few points that we adhere to while planning any social media strategy. It doesn’t matter if your brand is small, or a well-established business. Social media is an ocean of opportunity.

A few more tips that we recommend to brands as bonus tips:

  1. Re-share your tagged posts to encourage your audience
  2. Make it as personal as you can
  3. Schedule your posts
  4. Be animated, meme is here to stay
  5. Diversify your channels and content accordingly

These predicted trends are on basis of real-time experience and studies. Ikokas have referred to them as their pillar points. We believe that each of this trend is here to help you grow.

About Ikokas: 

We are a Digital Technology Solutions company and have expertise in the area of transforming organizations into full-fledged digital business places.

This includes creating websites (static, dynamic, and with e-commerce capabilities), apps for ease of transacting, and CX (UX + UI), brand marketing and digital & traditional public relations. 

We also provide Quality Assurance, Data Warehousing, and Cloud Computing services to corporates.

Our portfolio of clients includes Indian Corporates like SBI Cards, Max Life, Hero Motocorp, RJ Corp (Varun Beverages), MNCs like Amway, Siemens, to US-based companies like FirsTech, CareerBuilder & Cambay as well as several startups. We continue to expand our horizon to help our clients grow their visibility and business.  

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Written by: Nandini Bhupat, Director, Marketing & Brand Communications, Ikokas Digital Technologies.