Interview with Preetu Muley Pandey, Founder & Chief Interior Designer of Pree D’fine

Preetu Muley Pandey

An exclusive interview with Preetu Muley Pandey, Founder & Chief Interior Designer of Pree D’fine

Preetu Muley Pandey, the Founder and Chief Interior Designer of Pree D’fine is a Mumbai-based Interior Designer. She comes from a family wherein creativity runs through various artistic expressions such as writing, floral design, fashion design, photography, and more.

From a young age, she was encouraged to develop her creativity and fuel her imagination. As she grew older, her passions expanded to encompass a range of art forms, including dance, poetry, music, reading, traveling, painting, and design.

It was during the renovation of her own home that Preetu discovered her true calling as an Interior Designer. She was fascinated by the details and shapes that make up a personal living space and realized that the impact of colors, textures, and forms on the subconscious mind can greatly enhance one’s overall well-being.

This sparked her drive to design innovative and functional spaces that bring happiness and productivity to those who live in them. 

Preetu has a deep love for the art of design. She has been working as an Interior Designer for the past 12 years, having honed her skills under some of the best designers in the country, including Rajiv Saini and Ashiesh Shah, as well as in Italy with Piero Lissoni. During that time, she had the opportunity to design homes for India’s elite, including the Birlas, Godrej, Somany, and Zee.

Despite these incredible experiences, she felt the desire to start her own projects, and in 2015, she took the leap and started her own interior design firm. Preetu’s passion paid off when she was personally sought out by Vikas Oberoi, the Managing Director of Oberoi Realty, to work on his dream home.

Preetu Muley Pandey now runs her own Interior Design firm, Pree D’fine, where elegance and sophistication come to life. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for luxury living, she has developed her craft in creating high-end homes that are the epitome of sophistication.

However, she is always eager to explore new horizons and challenge herself, and she is enthusiastic to embark on new projects and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Preetu is on the lookout to expand her horizons and work with international clients to broaden her creative experience and showcase her talent to a global audience.

To achieve this, she constantly keeps researching design styles, trends, and cultural nuances of different regions. Overall, she is passionate about exploring new design challenges and bringing her unique perspective to the international design market. This is just the start of her journey, and she looks forward to seeing where it takes her next.

Some of Preetu’s popular clients:

  • JM financial – Vishal Kampani, Nimesh Kampani, Amishi Kampani 
  • Xotik beverages – Sehgals
  • Wellbeing Nutrition – Avnish Chhabria
  • Meher distilleries – Chinoys
  • Bombay salad co-chef, Karishma Dalal 
  • Papon – Indian singer
  • Lawyers
  • ACC cement ex-board member

The founder, Preetu Muley Pandey, has a keen eye for detail and a passion for luxury living and works closely with a talented team to create spaces that are a fusion of comfort, individuality, and artistic flair.

The firm is dedicated to delivering high-quality designs that utilize the latest trends and techniques. They have established a network of trusted partners in the industry to source the best materials and products. They believe in quality and only work with the finest materials, from the softest fabrics to the most intricately crafted furnishings.

Pree D’fine takes a personalized approach to each project, working closely with their clients to understand their needs and bring their vision to life. They believe in the power of a beautifully designed space to enhance one’s life and bring happiness and comfort to those who inhabit it.

From plush, custom-made furniture to bespoke lighting and accessories, the right color schemes to planning the overall layout of each room, the firm takes a comprehensive approach to interior design, leaving no detail overlooked. 

Whether it’s a home, workplace, or public space, their goal is to create spaces and give experiences that inspire and evoke emotion, and exceed their clients’ expectations.

Can you please start by telling us about your background and what inspired you to pursue a career in interior design?

Preetu Muley Pandey: Designing was my destined path. As a left-handed, right-brained child, creativity coursed through my veins from my earliest memories. With a family steeped in various creative fields—writers, fashion designers, and more—I was immersed in an environment that nurtured artistic expression.

However, it was the transformation of my own home that ignited my fascination with the intricate elements that compose a person’s living sanctuary. From then on, there was no turning back. Design ceased to be a mere interest; it evolved into a fervent devotion, and that devotion, in turn, blossomed into my vocation.

Pree D’fine has gained recognition for its unique design aesthetics. What principles or philosophies guide your approach to interior design?

Preetu Muley Pandey: We are more than a firm; we’re a pulsating force of passion. Our unwavering commitment is to orchestrate an experience for our clients that is nothing short of extraordinary. Through a seamless blend of avant-garde methodologies and cutting-edge design trends, we craft spaces that resonate with your soul, narrating your journey of success in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Every endeavor is infused with our utmost dedication, ensuring that your vision of a perfect space transcends into a living, breathing reality.

How do you stay updated with the latest interior design trends and innovations?

Preetu Muley Pandey: For me, there’s no wellspring of inspiration quite like travel. Nature’s grandeur and the myriad cultures of the world hold an unparalleled sway over our creativity. They expand our horizons, introducing us to fresh perspectives and redefining our sense of scale. This is where our creativity blossoms.

What is your creative process like when working on a new interior design project?

Preetu Muley Pandey: In my design journey, every step is a brushstroke, each one meticulously placed to create a masterpiece in synergy with the environment. I begin with the layout, delve into the three-dimensional aspects, and conclude with the textured details that bring the design to life.

How do you approach each project to ensure it aligns with your client’s vision and needs?

Preetu Muley Pandey: Our top priority while designing any project is to make it bespoke to the client’s needs. Without that it is just another project from Pinterest. We commence our journey with clients through a meticulously curated form, designed to capture every nuanced aspiration.

As the project unfolds, we artfully introduce them to an array of finishes and textures, painting a vivid picture of their preferences. Through this collaborative process, we orchestrate a symphony of feedback, ensuring that only the absolute best takes center stage.

Collaboration is often essential in the world of interior design. How do you foster effective communication and collaboration with your clients, as well as with your team, to ensure project success?

Preetu Muley Pandey: Within the team there is no hierarchy at all, we all get together to work on the projects and are equally excited about it. Diverse minds, abundant ideas, boundless solutions, that is a recipe for success. Outside the office, we love collaborating with different designers for specialized products such as lighting, art, branding etc. With clients it is a whole different collaboration.

We approach design collaboration with a glass-half-full perspective, ensuring the fusion of our style with the client’s preferences is balanced at 50-50.

Sustainability and eco-friendly designs are becoming increasingly important in interior design. How does Pree D’fine incorporate sustainable practices and materials into your projects?

Preetu Muley Pandey: Our design philosophy is rooted in a harmonious coexistence with nature. While this should have been our guiding principle right from the start, it’s never too late to make this transition. We prioritize the use of sustainable materials like rice husk ply, cement-based tiles, and natural resources in our projects.

In addition, we integrate eco-conscious choices such as faux leather, LED lighting, and water-conserving bathroom fittings, underscoring our commitment to environmental preservation.

Many aspiring interior designers look up to you as a successful entrepreneur in the industry. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their career in interior design and hopes to establish their own design firm someday?

Preetu Muley Pandey: Hard work is your greatest ally on the road to success. Cultivate a genuine love for your craft, particularly in the face of the inherent stress in our field. Stay meticulously organized and thorough in your approach, and you’ll stand firm against any challenge that comes your way.

As the founder and chief interior designer of your own firm, what are your long-term goals and vision for the future of Pree D’fine?

Preetu Muley Pandey: We’re actively expanding our horizons to take on international projects. Through our online design consultation service, we’re now accessible to clients worldwide. Whether it’s technical or aesthetic advice for homes, offices, or any other space, we’re here to assist you no matter where you are in the world.

What is your success tips for women entrepreneurs?

Preetu Muley Pandey: Finding a perfect balance between work and home is a myth. In reality, it’s about making choices and sometimes, sacrifices. Surround yourself with a support system that understands this, so you’re not burdened with unnecessary guilt. Stay resilient and never let anyone undermine your strength or make you feel inadequate.

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