Interview: Priyadarshini Krishnan, Founder of ROOT and SOIL, organic baby care brand

Priyadarshini Krishnan

An interview with Priyadarshini Krishnan, Founder of ROOT and SOIL, India’s premier organic baby care brand

Meet Priyadarshini Krishnan, the driving force behind ROOT and SOIL, India’s leading organic baby care brand. With a deep-rooted commitment to health and sustainability, Priyadarshini embarked on a mission to provide parents with safe and nourishing products for their little ones.

Through ROOT and SOIL, she has pioneered a range of 100% organic baby care essentials, meticulously crafted without the use of sulphur. Priyadarshini’s dedication to purity and quality has earned ROOT and SOIL a reputation for excellence, making it the preferred choice for discerning parents seeking the best for their babies.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind founding ROOT and SOIL?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: Though i have always felt a very organic connect with nature and its design since my childhood, have tried to implement it in my own lifestyle in all littlest ways possible, the belief increased multifolds especially after the event of natural birthing of my daughter ‘Paridhi’, where i experienced the surreal surrender with nature’s design firsthand. Those moments stayed with me and those seeds germinated months later as Root and Soil..

What differentiates ROOT and SOIL from other baby wellness brands in the market?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: Root and Soil’s catalog is curated keeping the real problems in focus rather than offering a generic babycare. It dives deep into the real time struggles new parents and babies experience and offers working recipes to sail smoothly at those moments of struggles and anxiety.

Be it the baby crying due to colic, struggling with a bad diaper rash or a cradle cap – our products are curated in such a way that addresses exact such issues.

How do you ensure the safety and efficacy of your products for babies and young children?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: Our products are FDA approved, our oils are prepared in-house and are of edible grades, they are FSSAI approved as well. Going a step forward , We prepare our primary raw materials in-house with high standards so that the quality and safety of the little ones.

Could you share some insights into the research and development process behind your products?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: Interestingly, 90% of our recipes are invented and manufactured in-house. R&D is a consistent and continuous process at Root and Soil. Our approach towards R&D is more holistic, what excites us is blending in traditional wisdom along with current evidence, taking expert opinions from pediatricians, naturopathy doctors and dermatologists.

Building a brand from scratch can be challenging. What were some of the major hurdles you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: A couple of major challenges    for most Startups – one having difference making products and second having a great team that share the same motivation & vision of the founder. Fortunately, first came in much early on for us. And the second, it took almost three years for us to have a team backing up the brand’s vision.

What are your future plans for ROOT and SOIL? Any upcoming product launches or expansions?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: Our short team future plan is to launch our exclusive baby wipes and we are also working on some 100% olive oil bath care range for babies. Slightly long term future plan is to have a community of 1 million new parents , we are currently a strong community of 1 lakh and growing

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the baby wellness industry or start their own brand?

Priyadarshini Krishnan: Babycare products industry is projected to be at 12 billion usd by 2030, while that’s an impressive figure and tam, the competition is no less. With so many giants dominating the market, there has to be something unique in the offering.

Focus on where that extra value can be added or a difference can be made. Best of luck and Together, let’s create more safe choices for babies & new parents.

As ROOT and SOIL continues to flourish under Priyadarshini Krishnan’s visionary leadership, the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to purity, safety, and sustainability. Priyadarshini’s unwavering dedication to crafting organic baby care products without compromising on quality has set a new standard in the industry.

With each meticulously crafted product, ROOT and SOIL reaffirms its position as India’s premier organic baby care brand, empowering parents to provide their little ones with the utmost care and nourishment, while fostering a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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